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High quality sex dolls

Thank you for stopping by where it is our goal to help you find the sex doll of your dreams. Our extensive selection of sex dolls are hand picked for your enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction in mind. We are committed to just what are name is to Satisfy Your Fetish and help with any concerns you may have. We are available for live chat, or if you rather drop us a line in the Questions contact form.

Durable, premium sex dolls

When it comes to shopping for a sex doll these things come to mind. At Satisfy your fetish, we've done the home work for you. Our dolls are made from a combination of a durable steel skeleton core with high quality TPE materials so life like you forget it is a doll. The look, feel and touch of our dolls are exquisite in every detail giving you that super intense excitement that your looking for in a doll. The aesthetics of our dolls are so life like and skin so soft and marshmallow plush. Its easy to not only enjoy your doll, but many men fall in love with their dolls and with the quality of these dolls its easy to see why. So browse our selection and start to Satisfy Your Fetish.

    Frequently Asked questions

  • What Is A Sex Doll?

     Today's sex dolls are modern day innovations, using tpe materials mad in the form of a person.  Sex dolls come complete with full body anatomically correct features to include face with makeup, breast, vagina and anus.  Sex dolls are made to resemble the human anatomy and are an excellent product for the use of sexual stimulation and some find emotional support in. 

    Realistic Sex dolls come in several forms. There is the tpe sex doll, the silicone sex doll, and the ai sex robot. Each type of sex doll depending on the options, you choose have the options to either moan upon penetration and as in the ai sex robot, the ability to speak and interact in a conversation.

  • How Does it Feel It Feel To Have Sex With A Sex Doll?

    Having sex with a sex doll is just like having sex with a woman.  In that the anatomy is pretty much the same.  With the addition of a water based lubricant the feeling is far better than simple masterbation.  For that matter the same goes for having sex with a male sex doll as the anatomy is exactly the same as  a person.  Realistic sex dolls are made anatomically correct and depending on the brand some are so true to life the sex is totally on par with having sex with a person.

    Kissing your sex doll

    Given silicone sex dolls and tpe sex dolls are made with medical grade materials.  They are safe for human use, which makes kissing a sex doll absolutely possible and helps to enhance the experience of intimacy or sex.

    Some may choose not to kiss the sex doll as although it is  realistic it cannot kiss you back.  But they are safe to kiss touch and squeeze all you want. 

    Oral Sex: 

    The oral cavity on most sex dolls is about 5 to 6 inches, as with vaginal sex you will need to use lubricant to enhance  the feeling of oral sex. Although you can have oral sex with your love doll, it is not as great as vaginal sex, But that is the same with a woman as well. 

    Vaginal Sex:

    Prior to having vaginal sex with your love doll we recommend using a water based lubricant.  This intensifies the feeling of sex or masterbation on par with the best piece of ass you've ever had. Realistic sex dolls are  made to be placed in any sexual position, allowing you to perform sex in any position you desire.  Vaginal sex with a sex doll, as you would with a woman using your imagination, when you close your eyes and geti into it, you cannot tell the difference that it is not a woman that you are sleeping with but a realistic sex doll.

    Anal Sex:

    Many of us men imagine having anal sex with a woman. The problem is finding one that will allow you to do it. With a sex doll you can have anal sex as much as you desire and satisfy your fetish and desires.  With the anal cavity being smaller and tighter, it is comparable to anal sex with a woman.  

    In all these ways to have sex it is recommended to use a water based lubricant as well as using the usb heating rod that comes with your sex doll to enhance and mimic the warmth of a real woman. 

    Along with the usb heating rod it is best to use the supplied blanket for the doll when not in use, as your love doll doesn't retain heat as a person would or does. 

  • What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Sex Doll?

     There are many benefits to owning a sex doll.  

    No more online dating swiping left or right texting for ever and going to starbucks meet up after meet up, and never getting laid.  Paying monthly dues to an online dating app when the truth is we really just want to get laid. Having a sex doll even if you don't get the girl your love doll will tide you over til you find the girl you really want.    

    For those with little sexual experience, they are a great learning tool to perfect and build your confidence in having sex.

    No risk of infections or STD's or HIV and that alone is worth every penny.

    No embarrassment or awkward moments with a sex doll. 

    Ability to live out any fetish or sexual fantasy you may have but don't have the nerve to tell another. 

    No more reaching for your favorite lube and using sally and her 4 sisters. With a sex with sex doll  is like getting laid with the best piece of ass.  And for those that have little experience with sex. Sex with a sex doll is as close to getting laid as you can ever get and is way better than simple masterbating. 

  • Should I Buy A Sex Doll?

    Buying a sex doll, whether you are new to sex toys or have used others in the past.  If you are looking for a better way to masterbate and get that release we all want.  Maybe you just want or need companionship. A sex doll is not only for sex. Many find out there is more to a sex doll than simply sex.  With a sex doll such as in the ai sex robot you have a partner to confide in talk to and to have sex with. So should you buy a sex doll.  The real question is why haven't you bought one already

  • What To Know When Purchasing A Sex Doll

     When you are first starting to look into buying a sex doll you can become overwhelmed with all the retailers online selling sex dolls. Here we will go over what to look for when looking to purchase a sex doll. Some of the things you should be aware of prior to purchasing, we will inform you of here. 


    As you look around online you will find out some realistic sex dolls can for upwards of up to 4,000.00 and as low as 500.00. Depending on on the level of sex doll you are looking to purchase you can find dolls for as low as several hundred dollars up 4 to 5 grand.  Most sex dolls in the mid range price will go for around 1,400.00 to 2,000.00.  These dolls have all the full capabilities and customizations to allow you to build a doll to fit your desires or fetish, it all depends what type of doll you are looking to buy and how much you are wanting to spend.  At sexdoll fetish we price our dolls lower to pass the savings on to you. At sexdoll fetish you will if you shop around find that our dolls are priced for savings. 

    If you are a beginner we recommend for the money getting a quality mid range doll which allows for customization and durability allowing you to have a quality doll that last and one that you can customize to your taste. Which leads us to the next thing to look for. 


    When buying a lifelike sex doll you will be allowed on most brands to customize your doll, to give it your own unique qualities.  You can customize from head to toe many options such as the hair color, implanted hair, eye color, lip color, skin color, breast, areola size and color, fixed or removable vagina, nail and toenail color, standing or non standing feet, vaginal sensor and sound on some models even a storage container to store your new love doll.  Depending on your personal likes you can make your doll into the woman of your dreams and fulfill any desire you may have. With the technology available in sex doll production today it is now possible to build the doll to your personal desire.   As we all know getting the hot chic we always wanted is not always possible but with a realistic sex doll you can build and customize your doll to finally get the girl of your dreams. Therefore enhancing your enjoyment and sexual satisfaction.

    Quality Materials:

    When looking for sex dolls you will notice terms like tpe sex doll, silicone sex doll, platinum silicone, ai robot sex doll.  Each of these types of dolls have the own benefits and disadvantages. Tpe sex dolls are made of whats called thermoplastic elastomer, a mix of rubber and plastic elastomers.  Allowing for the increased softness and enhanced stretching ability and flexibility.  Tpe sex dolls are less costly and have the ability to retain heat and are hypo-allergenic, the down side that they are unlike silicone, porus and difficult to clean.  Easily attracting stains and debris from clothing that may rub off and transfer colors or lint.  

    Silicone sex doll are ultra realistic and more closely resemble a woman in the detailed facial features and the depiction of the vagina and anus.  They are easier to clean yet they are more costlier than tpe sex dolls. 

    AI robot sex dolls are made from a similar type of tpe elastomer called M-type.  M-type is made to be a medical grade type of tpe. It has most of the same qualities as tpe but with 2x more ability to stretch and pull the skin of the softer skin. 

    You should pick a doll that suits your taste and budget considering the above options and customizations for your new sex doll. 


    Sex doll come in many different sizes and body type ranging from mini sex dolls medium size sex dolls to life-size sex dolls.  As an online retailer we don't engage in the sale of mini sex dolls for obvious reasons. The size and weight of the doll is an important factor when choosing your, as with each size there is a corresponding weight.  For men with back issues this becomes and important factor as lifting a heavier doll could worsen any ongoing back issue. Medium size sex dolls are from sizes 125 cm to 158cm and are in the petite class of dolls.  So if you like short women these are the dolls for you. 

    Life-size sex dolls can range from 159 cm to 175 cm sex doll and can weigh up to 40 kg. These dolls more closely resemble a woman and come in many different body shapes.  These are the class of dolls that you will be able to find the teen sex dolls, adult sex dolls, bbw sex dolls, fat sex dolls, and thin sex dolls. 

    So when looking to purchase a sex doll keep these things in mind to get the type of doll that suits your personal taste and desires. After this is an investment not only in money but your satisfaction and you want to buy a sex doll that not only allows you to get off but satisfies you in every way. 

  • What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Sex Doll?

    Realistic sex dolls have many benefits, to start with:

    A sex doll will never cheat or betray you. 

    A sex doll won't constantly nag and complain or kick you out of your own house. 

    A sex doll will always be ready for a pounding when you are. If you are the type of man that wants to have endless sex a sex doll will always have her legs open for you. Never has a headache or too tired. 

    No need to worry about loosing all you have in a divorce case with sex doll.  

    Simple great intense sex and a partner to talk to when you need to vent or simply talk about your day.  

  • What Type Of Man Is A Sex Doll For?

    Sex dolls are for any type of man.  Whether you are young or old we all masterbate.  Whether your a college student over 18 yo or retired and living single, a sex doll is a great addition to your sex life and your life overall.  

    Married couples can benefit from a sex doll adding that third person allows for that threesome you always wanted to have.  

    LGBT, Gay, straight or transgender,  a sex doll can enhance your sex life. For Gay men there is a full line of male sex dolls with anatomically correct large penis.  There are the female sex dolls with the shemale attachment if you want a shemale sex doll or transgender sex doll.

  • Is A Sex Doll For Women?

     Many women purchase sex dolls and are able to enjoy a full and fulfilled sex life with our male sex dolls.  Male sex dolls come in sizes from 160 cm to 180cm.  The male sex dolls are just as soft and realistic as the female sex dolls.  With penis sizes up to nearly 8 inches and 4 inches in diameter, the male sex doll is a beefcake with a monster dick that will satisfy any woman or man for that matter.

  • What Is A Tpe Sex Doll?

    Many people when looking to buy a sex doll come across the term tpe sex doll and never knew there where different types of sex dolls.  Tpe is a substance, a combination of components used to make a sex doll.  In lay terms it is a form of rubber and plastic melded together in an injection molding process.  The technical term for it is thermoplastic elastomer. Tpe sex dolls are of the two types the least expensive and have a bit more flexibility over silicone sex dolls.  Tpe dolls have more of a softer plush jiggle to them, much like a real woman's skin.  Which makes them perfect for getting that realistic sensation during sex.  Although softer, more plush and a bit cheaper.  The Tpe sex dolls skin is porous  , making them harder to sterilize and maintain. Retaining moisture allows for areas not so open to accumulate bacteria such as the oral, vaginal and rectal cavities.  Thus more attention is needed to keep these areas clean and dried to reduce the possibility of build up.  Tpe dolls are sexy and soft and have a beautiful look and appearance to them making them a great cost effective choice for a sex doll.  When shopping for a Tpe sex doll, you can expect to spend anywhere from about 1200.00 to 2200.00 dollars for a decent tpe sex doll. That's not to say you can't find a cheaper price, but like anything you buy, the cheaper the price the lower the quality.  We have in our store a range of mid range priced dolls attempting to give you a varied selection of quality dolls at a decent price while still keeping the level of quality very high.  

  • Why Purchase From Sexdollfetish

  • Customizable Tpe And Silicone Sex Dolls

    We are a worldwide leading retailer of online sales of multiple top brand sex dolls.  Giving you the ability to choose and set your customizations for your sex doll to give you the doll of your dreams

  • Pricing

    You can choose from an array of online retailers.  But at Sexdollfetish we set our prices lower to pass the savings onto you. You can check for yourself and notice the high price you will pay for the exact same doll at other retailers. Why pay more.

  • Privacy

    When you purchase a sex doll from sexdollfetish. Your privacy is of the upmost  concern.  Prior to shipping your doll we will contact you via email to notify you of your doll being finished with production.  You will then be able to visually inspect your doll prior to shipment.  We will have your doll shipped in a non discrete  brown cardboard box, giving no indication of its contents or origin.

  • Warranty

    Your sex doll comes with a one year warranty to ensure your satisfaction with your new doll. 

  • Guarantee

    At Sexdollfetish we guarantee for any reason there is a mistake in your order or defect in your doll we will assist you in ether repair or replacement of your doll or compensate you for your purchase. We guarantee what your order you will receive or it's on us

  • Inspection Prior to Worldwide Free Shipping

    Prior to shipping your doll, you will personally be able to inspect your doll for any minor imperfections and be allowed the opportunity to have them corrected.  You sex doll will not ship until you have given the ok to ship.

    Once you Ok'd the shipment, you will be given a tracking number to track your dolls arrival anywhere in the world you may live.  

  • No Customs or Duty Taxes

    You don't have to worry about customs taxes or duty taxes or VAT taxes as these are taken care of by us.  

  • Secure SSL Encrypted Transactions

    Sexdollfetish is an SSL secure protected site.  We are McAfee secured and protected.  All of your transactions are encrypted and protected in multiple ways ensuring your information is safe adn secure

  • Sex Doll Fetish The Company

     Who is Sex Doll Fetish and its owners? You may wonder this question as well when stopping by the store.  Sex Doll Fetish is ran by myself, Quinn and my partner Solee, we are  real people just with real jobs and lives.  Myself I am a divorced ex military vet and a doll owner like many of you. You can  contact us here by email or through our 800 number and talk to us and see and be able to see for yourself we are real people just like you with honesty and integrity.. Something  pounded in all of us who have ever served in the military.   The store is ran with  the same honesty and integrity and commitment to satisfying our customers and helping you find the doll you're looking for. Just as we found when we first got into dolls.  You can expect from us here at Sexdollfetish. The same professional honest service with complete integrity and attention to detail as any other. We will go the extra mile to make sure you leave a happy customer as service is what we are all about here.  As far as the quality of dolls.  We want to assure you that each doll that comes from Sexdollfetish is a genuine doll straight from the factory of the multiple brands we sell here.  We are  fully authorized to sell all the dolls we sell here and can verify our authority to do so. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line. 

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