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7 Fetishes You May Not Know About

May 28, 2019

Have you ever wandered what is a fetish and what are there origins or how people get them.  In this blog we will look and dissect the origins and compulsory functions of 7 of the top fetishes people have. Although many common everyday people often have at least one of these, few view themselves as a fetishist.  We attempt will uncover 7 of the most common fetishes and their origins.  We will look into the reasons for the fetish and the perception of others around us that notice or are aware of our fetishes.  

The term fetish refers to the act of sexual gratification from the interaction or worship of an inanimate object.  From the meaning of the word some could may consider it a bad thing. But the truth of the matter is many people have fetishes and they vary from one extreme to the other in severity and complexity.  Some mental health professionals believe the actual beginning of some fetishes begin in childhood while others may be learned from environmental exposures. While others may have their origins in life experiences.  But the fact remains that many who consider themselves not to have a fetish, do in fact have one, but just don't care to either admit it or perceive themselves to be a part of this thing called fetishism. 

If you've ever watched a porn movie or video and been aroused as most people tend to get, one could say very confidently you have a fetish called voyeurism. Voyeurism is the act or state of being excited watching others in the act of a sexual encounter.  Some believe its origins are simply from wanting to know what is going on behind closed doors.  So as long as its watching porn or even your two girlfriends go at it, or any other consensual act of agreeing people, there is nothing particularly wrong with it. 

If you find yourself attracted to a woman's  shoes or boots and get a sexual satisfaction or gratification from it, one could safely say you have a shoe fetish.  Shoe fetishes are often thought of in not such a great light. But they are simply like any other fetish that many people walking around everyday have and don't speak of openly.  Shoe fetishes may involve  the fascination and sexual gratification of a woman' s seeing a woman's shoes or wanting them at bedside while having sex. They may also involve what alot of people find sexy and that is a woman in pump high heels during sex. There are those that advocate that these fetishes  based simply in the emergence of power of the modern woman. Given the high heeled pump shoes they wear in the board rooms represent the power of the modern woman.  For the purpose of this blog, we would not agree with that on a wholesale basis.  Short of that it is actually a healthy fetish just as any other fetish as long as its done in a consensual manner. No harm no foul. 

That brings us to the Foot fetish.  Foot fetishes revolve around the admiration and sexual gratification of a persons feet.  They may involve licking or sucking of any part of the feet, toes in particular.  In an article for the Bustle, former dominatrix, Niki Hodgeson, explains foot fetishes have their origins in the wiring of the brain stating that "there is some scientific data that shows there are some cross wiring of the brain, the areas of the the genitalia and the brain are next to each other." How much this blog buys that theory we wont go into but apparently this was her take on explaining it. But for whatever the fetish like we always say if it is consensual. No harm no foul. 

Which brings us to spanking and wow,  do a lot of people have this fetish, but few would go even close to call it a fetish.  Scientist believe this fetish is born out of childhood spanking that at the time had nothing to do with pleasure nor satisfaction. But over the aging process the brain changes and perceptions change and this once punitive act is now viewed in a form of sexual satisfaction.  Not to mention that there are a multitude of nerve endings in the buttocks and rectal area that are stimulated that can be easily excited with the mild spanking many find themselves either giving or receiving.  And like always as long as its consensual no harm no foul. 

That brings us to the next fetish which is BDSM.  The is a thriving community of people that whose whole life is based around this fetish, as some of the others may be as well.  BDSM involves the tying up of a person and inflicting pain through many different forms of which we wont go into as there are too many to list.  For the purposes of this blog we can let your mind fill in the blank.  Although it is not a mainstream fetish at least as many who practice it would never admit it, the fact is  that this is one of the fetishes many people practice to some degree or another.  Given the way the brain perceives the sensory stimuli for pain and pleasure this fetish can only be understood in this light.  With a consensual willing partner and a healthy watchful eye, as usual, no harm no foul. 

Next is the hair fetish which may be news to some but there is an actual term for it.  Hair fetish is called tricophilia which for web MD is the excited state of seeing someones hair and getting turned on by it.  Some get excited at the viewing or cutting of normal body hair such as the chest or arm pitts.  In the Middle East hair is thought to have an erotic quality about it.  Thus the reason most women have their hair covered and shrouded.  So it is actually a quite common fetish after all in some parts of the world.  

Lastly is the tattoo fetish.  Tattoos in an earlier time were considered as taboo especially for women.  But as times have changed tattoos are some how regarded as a turn on.  Whether you are turned on by the masochistic nature of having a needle pound ink into your skin a million times per second, maybe not a million but you get the point. Or there are some that get turned on by the tatted up bad boy or bad chic with a multitude of tattoos. How ever you get your fix tattoos are in the class of fetishes as well.  

And at that, that ends our list of fetishes and as always as long as its consensual, no harm no foul. 


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