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May 27, 2019

So your looking to purchase a sex doll, or love doll which ever you choose to call them.  Although that as well depends on how you may view them, What you choose to call them.  Some prefer the term Love Doll as many people tend to fall in love with their dolls.  Others prefer the term sex doll as the main purpose may simply be for sexual gratification.  Sex dolls come in many different sizes shapes and many have different functions that others may not inherently have.  They range in quality of materials and quality of the complete doll itself. Ranging from silicone sex dolls to TPE Sex Dolls. Which one is better you may ask. Well we will discuss these options as well.   Which you choose will naturally effects the cost of the doll you may choose to purchase.  Sex dolls can range from very low cost sex dolls to mid ranged sex dolls all the way up to the very expensive dolls.  We will cover all 3 price ranges and the types of sex doll you can expect for your money.  Additionally sex dolls come with functions that very as well there are basic sex dolls, that are simply a doll and thats it. All the way up to heated sound producing and even the advanced AI sex robots.  The sex doll and their different classifications and pros and cons we will discuss.


Sex doll have been around for centuries and the admiration or the sexual desire for an inanimate object or statue has been well documented for ages.  Going way back to the Greek period of mythology. With the depiction of of Pygmalion a Greek sculpture who fell in love with the statue he created. So the fascination or desire is nothing new. Today buying a sex doll tends to be on the rise and the taboo feelings associated with owning one is starting to subside, with the multitude of people who purchase them.  Once purchasing your doll you may find communities or forums to interact with and learn interesting facts or simply share ideas on your doll and its story with you. Some of the communities most popular are the . Another community to check out once you have your doll is


The beginning of your  search for you new doll may seam confusing with all the online sellers of sex dolls and varying prices and deals.  But while your shopping note the broad differences in prices from one retailer from the next.  There are online doll stores that will charge you in excess of 2300.00 for a doll you can easily find for hundreds less.  They will give you a song and dance about how great the product is but a word to the wise if you shop around you can find the sweet spot for the very same doll you see at a high price at a lower price elswhere.  Which to start this blog off correctly the average price for a mid range top quality doll is in the neighborhood of 1700 to 1900.00.  That should be a warning to you that your about to get rip and peeled like a banana if the prices are higher than that. The only exception is the male sex doll they tend to cost a little more as they are generally taller and require more material for making the doll.  Another thing to watch out for when shopping for your new doll is some stores will lure you in with a very low low price for a very nice looking mid ranged doll.  You naturally feel like its your lucky day and you add to cart.  Just to find out on the cart page the doll you wanted and the doll they offered you that low price for are totally different, which is a bit deceptive to say the least. the catch to the bait and switch they run is that they'll offer you the doll in the picture you see but with the smallest tiniest body available.  In order to get the doll in the picture on the cart page you have to select the body size an naturally the price goes up about 6 or 700.00.  So you were never getting a great deal.. What you just got was lured into a marketing trap.  Another thing to be careful of are dolls that appear to be very very cheap but they are the same high quality mid ranged dolls you see all around.  Well the trick with these doll on these websites are just that, a trick. Some websites advertise selling top quality dolls for prices that even the manufacture wont let them go for.  So if you order one of these cheap great deal dolls.  Well don't be surprised when it arrives if it ever does and its a knock off with all kinds of issues. And when you go back to the retailer they cant be found.  The simple rule to follow in purchasing your new doll is do your home work.  

Some things to consider when doing your home work.  Are the prices in the proper range not too high and not to low?  Is the retailer upfront about the cost or is there a trick to the sale?  What are the financing options do they offer financing or is it simple money order. Which in todays market anyone sending a money order to purchase an item bought online runs the risk off loosing the total amount theyve sent, as there is no real way to track the person you sent it too.. You should shop with merchants using approved financing that you know and trust.  Some of them are PayPal credit financing, Sezzle credit financing, Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, and Shopify Payments as well has their own in house financing abilities. 

Some of the lower end dolls that you may run across while shopping for your new doll are some dolls by AF Doll, They are good quality dolls with sexy designs and great features.  But they are still below the quality of the higher tiered dolls. The price for these doll are as well tend to be a lot cheaper.  Which that is the important thing to note when purchasing a doll.  What is the brand you are buying and what is the cost for the doll.  AF dolls tend to cost less to manufacture than let's say a YL Doll.  So the price you pay for your doll should reflect the brand you are buying. Here is a link to the different doll brands and a little about their ratings as a manufacture so you can judge for yourself what range of doll you want to purchase. The link is

Here you can find all the different manufactures of dolls and see each companies quality rating and overall product ratings. Also you will be able to view factories and how your doll is made. Thus becoming more informed about the product you want to purchase.  While your there you may ask, why cant i just purchase my doll from them direct?  The answer is you can purchase directly from some of the manufactures.  But whats the catch? We thought you'ld ask. There's no catch except for the fact that purchasing a doll from the manufacture tends to cost way more than buying from an authorized retailer of that brand of doll your wanting to buy.. As the manufacture is in the manufacturing of the dolls and the retailer is in the retail sale of the dolls.  Some manufactures actually charge upwards of 1000.00 more than what you can buy them from a retail online store at. The reason is as we said they manufacture the dolls and not so much in to the selling of them.  A lower range doll as such.  Very nice sexy doll but not reaching the quality of the higher tiered dolls. The lower tiered dolls are just as great as the other dolls, but as a consumer we all know you get what you pay for in shopping for quality it may cost a little more

The mid range dolls are where the vast majority of doll shoppers tend to gravitate to purchase and make an investment in what will become most likely the best part of their life.  The doll they buy will be the person they come home to each day and sleep with each night so finding a good quality doll is well worth the money.  Some of the names of the mid range doll brands are WM Doll, YL Doll, 6YE Doll, AS Doll to name a few. There are others but for this blog we will stick to these as for the mid ranged priced doll these brands carry the best designs and beautiful looking dolls on the market by far.  WM Doll being the top of the mid range doll brands,  They are by far the world leader in producing high quality mid ranged priced dolls.  YL Doll being a close second and for good reason. YL Doll is a partner brand of WM and are both made by WM Doll.  Which makes purchasing a doll from either a lot easier to buy additional accessories as the doll heads are interchangeable thus making replacing or getting a new head that much more of a selection to choose from.  WM and YL Doll produce some of the most beautiful and detailed dolls in the whole sex doll market an example of one of the top sellers is Mandy


YL Doll being the partner brand as you can see from the picture below has the same high quality attention to detail and beautiful looks as the WM Doll above 

Notice both have beautiful skin tone and realistic true to life features that make it hard to tell it is doll. In fact these producers and top brands pride themselves on using such high quality TPE material to produce their dolls.  Which make having one and touching one a real experience.  The skin on these dolls are so life like, soft and marsh mellowy smooth, it is hard to know the difference between the doll and a real woman. 

The next mid ranged doll brand is 6YE.  6YE is a top mid range brand with top notch beautiful sexy dolls.  6YE has redesigned their dolls recently with upgrades in the skin on their dolls to make them just as soft just as smooth as the other mid range brands. But they went a little further, we all know those sexy women with the perfect perfect sexy wide hip and that nice rear end that just makes you wanna jizz. Well 6YE has introduced a full line of Amor sex dolls with just those sexy features. They boast a totally redesigned anatomically correct body above all other brands, and if you check out their dolls, they are right.



AS Doll is the 4th brand topping our list of mid range dolls to consider to purchase is the AS Doll.AS Dolls feature stunning beautiful looks, exceptional designs and quallity craftsmanship, which has them in the ranking for mid ranged doll. Below is one of the exceptional AS Dolls

Just a not of caution and a little information for the user.  You may note on the above images a watermark for the store.  The reason for the watermark has become an industry practice that is an attempt to stem the scam use of pictures by some online retailers of advertising stolen pics of dolls they have no way of delivering to you the customer. Thus being able to charge the unbelievably low prices, which results in the customer not getting the doll they paid to get as the picture they believed was the doll actually turns out was a stolen pic from a reputable seller of the doll.  That is how many online stores are able to offer such bargain basement prices. 


The next range of dolls are the higher end dolls.  These dolls are much more detailed and are made sometimes to customer specific orders.  Some manufactures actually make dolls to resemble dead family members or spouses that have passed away.  They may also make them to resemble famous individuals but altering them slightly so as not to infringe on the persons right to privacy.  These doll are made by several high end manufactures one of which is . Where dolls can range any where from 5000.00 to 10,000.00 depending on the doll and the specifications.  The dolls are stunningly beautiful and if you have 5 to 10 grand to spend on a doll this may be the option for you. 


Above are the range of dolls on the market that is available to purchase, as well there are others not mentioned.  You now have at least the basic knowledge of brands and cost. Next we will look at what can you expect when you go to pick your doll. What color hair, what color eyes and so on.  When you go to purchase your doll,  from most retailers you are allowed to select options.  These options include hair color, skin color, eye color, even the height of the doll you can choose when you build your own doll.  The sizes vary from 140cm up to 175cm for most brands.  Additionally there are different accessories that may be chosen as well for your doll such as stain remover to clean the doll or TPE repair glue in case you damage your doll and need to repair it.  Other accessories include shemale attachments and lastly you may consider purchasing a safe storage for your doll. The storage container for your doll vary form a comfortable couch looking hide away to place your doll in that you may easily put in any room of your house.  Another container option is a flight case container that comes with pre molded foam for the doll to rest in and a nice place for you to store your doll.  

All in all these are the some of the tips in helping you decide which doll to buy and how to go about the process of figuring out where to buy from and for how much.  Now that you have the information you can browse the internet for your doll or simply check out some of the dolls in the store

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