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How To Clean Your Sex Doll

April 24, 2019

A question you may be considering or wandering is, " How do I clean my sex doll".?  Rightfully so, that is a common question when considering  purchasing a sex doll.  Many customers  have the same concerns/.Wanting to keep your doll clean and fresh and to help extend the lifetime use of your sexy partner. 

 Its actually quite simple, much the same way a woman often cleans herself.  All you need is a few simple tools and water and the process is very quick and easy. Its not at all as complicated as you may think.  All you need is a few simple tools. 
A Vaginal Irrigator  more commonly known as a (Douche).  There is a vaginal irrigator that comes with your doll, so no need to go out to purchase one. If you don't recognize one, there is a pic of an irrigator below.   Once you have finished having sex with your partner, simply fill the douche with water and begin to flush.
Its recommended to use warm water to flush the vagina first.  Then follow it up with warm water and soap, in order to clean and disinfect the vaginal area more thoroughly.  Vaginal irrigators are really inexpensive, so if you loose the one supplied, you can very inexpensively purchase a new one from any pharmacy. 
To clean your dolls vaginal area more thoroughly, it is recommended that you use any type of soft  sponge on a stick, type of cleaning tool.  Purchasing these are relatively easy  as well found in most pharmacy's or big box stores.  Using the sponge on the stick will assist in giving your doll a more thorough cleaning, it helps to physically remove any left over debris from sex. Which in turn cuts down on bacteria and residue build up left over, which can produce an irregular  or odorous scent.  While cleaning your doll take care to gently clean the inside of the vaginal area, careful not to scrap or tear the insides, which may damage the doll and your experiences with her.  
Another option to using a douche or irrigator, if you have access to a removable shower head. Simply remove the shower head while your partner is in the shower with you and place the jet of water inside the vagina.  This will produce the same result as the irrigator, removing the debris thoroughly with the high pressure water in your shower.  Afterwards you can also wash the area using a mild soap to help clean and disinfect your doll.  Once your doll is clean whether you use the irrigator or the shower, be sure to thoroughly dry your doll and allowing it to dry so as not to allow the water simply collect and stay inside the vagina. Allowing build up of dirt water or debris from semen may cause your doll to become sticky inside, and thus altering the sensation of sex with your doll.  
These are simple easy steps to follow whether you are cleaning the vaginal area, rectal area or mouth. In the the case of the rectal area make sure to use a smaller device to assist in removing debris.  It is an important note, to keep your doll clean and dry for storage helping to  increases the lifespan of your doll.  Which ultimately continues to give you a great exceptional experience every time. 


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