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How To Have Sex With A Sex Doll

May 28, 2019

The question may seem to be one that needs not to be asked. But quite the contrary.  Having sex with a sex doll for the most part is the same as if you were gonna have sex with any other man or woman.  With a few differences, having sex with a sex doll can be very enjoyable as a matter of fact having sex with sex doll can be more enjoyable than sex with an actual person.  The differences we will look into here in this blog post.  

Upon getting your sex doll you've selected with precision accuracy specific for your wants desires and needs.  Waiting for it to arrive can be a time of much anticipation.  You've followed the tracking of your doll all the way from its beginning at the factory and tracked its delivery.  Now the time has come and she is finally home.  You may take time to unbox your sex doll and get to know your doll and  who she is and to see that she is exactly like you thought she would be.  And she is perfect just looking at her and all the time you two will spend together, well you are just over the moon.  

And soon its that time you've been waiting for and all the fun you will have with your busty sex doll.  But before you begin just a few things to be aware of when having sex with your doll.  When ordering you had the option for standing or non standing feet.  In the case that you ordered standing feet, as far as sex goes the doll will be able to stand on her own.  But relying on the standing feet option in performing sex we wouldn't advise it.  As with the motion and instability of sex your doll will most likely not be able to remain standing during the act of sex.  Unless you prop her or him up against a sturdy surface to stabilize the doll.  Then you are free to enjoy yourself as you choose.  The female doll is capable of oral sex, vaginal and anal sex and all can be done with the same routine you may have had prior with a woman. The dolls can have sex in any position any other woman can with some limitations due to the skeletal frame. The dolls come with either implanted vagina's or removable vaginas. Both have their particular advantages, but neither have lubrication. This you must provide.  it is recommended to use a water based lubricant for the doll in having sex with your doll as you would with a person. Simply apply a vigorous amount of water based lubricant and have yourself a blast or two or three. When finished you may remove the vagina if you purchased the removable vagina option and simply rinse with lukewarm water.  If you did not purchase the removable vagina option you can simply use a removable shower head with jets to rinse out the vaginal, rectal or oral opening with the shower jets spray.  

Once you've had sex with the doll it is important to clean your doll simply to reduce the build up of bacteria in the orifices of the doll.  You may also use a light soap and water to help clean the areas you've used.  Just as importantly though you may enjoy your doll, it is your doll so sharing of your doll with others you run the same risk of transferring bacteria just as if it were another human.  So keep that in mind when you use your doll.  

Other than these issues raise above, having sex with your doll can be quite an enjoyable experience with just a few exceptions and cautions.  So enjoy your new doll with these tips in mind 

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