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How To Repair My Sex Doll

June 24, 2019

When purchasing a sex doll, they like humans have a skin.  Much like people the tend to get bumped or scratched or even cuts.  With humans its a simple matter of a band aid or maybe in some cases stitches may be needed.  With a sex doll, depending on the event or severity of the scrape scratch or cut may determine what to do in order to remedy the injury.  Here we will look at what to do in case you injure your sex doll and the available products to remedy the situation. 

From the beginning of unboxing your doll care must be taken not to injure cut or scratch the skin of the doll.  Most dolls are made from TPE, Thermoplastic elastomer.  TPE is a mixture of plastic and rubbers brought together in the injection molding process under extreme heat.  Once cooled the the TPE takes on the shape of whatever the injection molding has set.  In this case its the form of a body and like a body it is susceptible to injury.  TPE is a soft flexible mix of plastic and rubber giving it its unique soft plush marsh mellow touch and feel.  Which also makes it easy to obtain injury.  

In the event that you injure your doll care must be taken to repair the injury.  Some injuries can be simple cracks that may take place over long periods of time in some lesser quality dolls.  Others may be scrapes of the TPE skin which generally don't require fixing.  And there are straight out cuts to the TPE skin, which in that case you will need the TPE repair glue to remedy.  To get this glue you may add to cart at check out when ordering your doll.  If you choose to purchase after you have your doll and it is injured in any way through whatever event causes it.  You will have to wait the time for the repair glue to arrive, which may be a week.  Then you will also incur the additional shipping cost for the glue, which you could save on shipping by adding to cart when purchasing your doll.  Once you have the glue you may insert the glue into the cut surface of the doll if it is a deep cut. Afterwards it is useful to use a form of heat to meld the two separated pieces back together assuring the hold takes place.  The benefit of TPE over silicone is that it can be reheated and recycled allowing for easy repair of your doll.  In the case that you may loose a fingernail or eyelash, those as well you can simply use the TPE glue to refasten the lost item back onto your doll.  

In the video section of the website will be found an instructional how to, on how to repair your doll if you have more questions or aren't quite sure on what to do in case of a rip or tear in your doll

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