June 04, 2019

Hey everyone its sexdollfetish once again with yet another reason to look into a sex doll for your pleasures, whatever they may be.  Lets face it, dating can be pure hell no matter what age you are, in the dating game.  Finding a decent chic now a days  with decent looks, one who hasn't fucked the football team, or ran her last couple exes into a financial chaos, can be hell to find.. And if you think you've found the one, just wait a while and either she'll be fucking the mailman or the lawyer she hires to strip you clean dry.  Some men look to find love in mail order brides as an alternative.  But this too has pretty much the same drawbacks, as these women will say whatever and do whatever to leave  from where you are taking them from... But in the end of it all most men just want some nice pussy from a beautiful woman, and one who's got his back, but instead a lot of men find the opposite.  

The full investment in a mail order bride can be staggering when you actually look at it with an alternative.  First you have to pay the organization who sponsors the travel and arrangements thousands of dollars, for setting up the hundreds of desperate visa seeking women.  Then you've got flights, hotels, travel and the numerous expenses in keeping in touch with the woman you find until you can get her a fiancee visa.. Which at that point you are locked into dead heat  rush to marry a woman, who is most likely running from a country she's dying to leave.. But your in love, at least you think and you spend all the money you can get your hands onto to get her back home to su casa and into your bed.  Thinking that this is the  one, and what a lucky guy you finally became,  and you are certain of it this time. In some cases before the ink even dries on the marriage certificate, these women are already plotting and scheming, hatching a plan to leave you along with the citizenship you were giving up  everything you had  to help her attain.  She waits her allotted time til her papers are cleared and she's a citizen. Then  one day you come home thinking your sweaty pie creampie is there cooking you her famous carne asada. Only to find her getting gang banged doggy style by your best friend and her lawyer, taking it up her ass.  Well sure you say that wont happen to me..  Well lets face it, divorce is almost now in the times we live in a forgone  conclusion, you can almost bet on it, even in the best of relationships.  Let alone the ones where you know more about the woman's town she's from, from reading about her, trying to get to know her through  Wikipedia.  Everyone knows or has multiple friends that have been divorced or parents that have been divorced for years.. Just the same as we all know the men who get totally shafted in a divorce.  Loosing the house the poor guy built for his bautiful sexy bride,  with his bare hands and the nice car he bought please the trick. Stoking his dick and his ego the whole time til she sticks the dick up his ass. 

Guys lets face it, we all want that nice cream pie sweat ass pussy dripping and always open.  But at what cost are we gonna pay to keep it.. Sexdollfetish says turn the tables on these delicious,  blow your mind with that sumptuous pussy, sexy ass women.. Get yourself a nice porn star sex doll and fuck her like the pro you are.. Then when your setting there alone and not gone on a date in so long you cant remember what pussy even looks like.. Well you wont be tempted to go spend tens of thousands of dollars,  basically on some nice looking chic you don't  even know and most likely will never ever really get to know truely.  Then wind up loosing everything you've got.. Because of what? Falling in love with some delicious  pussy.  Dudes, Pussy is our achillies heel in life, we will always want our dick up in the middle of some nice sweat pussy, pounding that pussy into a sloppy mess,  no matter which way you like it served..   Lets get wise about this game.. Yeah get your pussy, but dont take the chance and  loose all you've got to get it.  Next time your setting there looking at these sexy mamas from whatever country contemplating going through hell and back to get her back to your house... Just stop right there, and remember, yeah it can be fun to think with your dick but don't be stupid about it.. Take the cheaper smarter and less humiliating route and get yourself the finest bad ass porn sex doll you can find and fuck the shit out of her.. til your balls are sore from them slapping that sweat cream pie.  Then you can go play the field until you find the chic you think you can hang out with, without the rush or the hopeful wandering feeling of, is this the one?.  The upside is you wont be out of everything you have trusting in falling in love over some pussy with a woman you will most likely never really ever know even after the years it takes to learn her language.. By the time you learn her language, will be about the time you walk in to find out she's talking shit about  you on the phone  to Brusko, her new boyfriend she got  with the 10 inch dick.. while you were out at work trying to take care of her.  Take it from sexdollfetish get yourself a sex doll before you even think about flying to some country to pick up some chic.. Dont enen think about it dudes, Let UPS drop her at your door. And with all the money you save not having lost it all on a gamble..then you can go out an buy yourself that new Harley, and always have your sexy ass porn chic at home waiting for you. Legs open and pussy waiting for you..


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