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May 26, 2019

What exactly is the term for a fetish for sex doll actually called and what is the origin for it?  You may ask yourself.  Well the history of the attraction to sex dolls or inanimate objects resembling a human has existed for centuries. The technical term is Agalmatophilia  it is paraphilia involving the  sexual attraction to an inanimate object or statue, doll or mannequin of human likeness. This attraction may involve having the desire for sexual contact with the doll or statue.  It may involve having fantasies of sexual intercourse with the doll or statue or the act of watching others in the act of sexual intercourse with the doll or mannequin.  It is also may in turn the fantasy of being transformed into the doll statue or mannequin. Pymalion is the actual love for the object the one may have created or procured.  The technical terms aside the history of this goes way back and is denoted in the  Greek empire mythology in the art exhibit called The Pymalion by Jeane-Baptiste Regnault in 1786. There are many who enjoy the  role play of play of being transformed into the state of the actual doll or mannequin.  Experiencing the paralyzed state of being immobile is the ultimate outcome that is derived out of role playing as  many fetishist perform in the routine of role playing with the inanimate. Fetishist may have fantasies of particular body parts to enjoy sucking of toes feet or particular body features.  Many today have found not just a fetish out of love dolls but actual companionship or friendship due to many other reasons than a simple fetish.  The reasons why people purchase love dolls vary far and wide which we delve in to in another blog post entitled Sex Dolls as Companions.

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