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April 16, 2019

Purchasing a sex doll in todays market can be quite confusing. With some helpful tips you can find the doll your looking for with all the options you want on your doll the day it arrives.  Purchasing a sex doll is and can be an expensive experience.  But with the right knowledge you will be armed with the knowledge to make the best decision and get the doll you are looking for.  

Most dolls being sold today online and in stores are made from what is called TPE, a Thermoplastic rubber or a copolymer.  Generally they are made from a mix of whats called copolymers, a mix of two separate kinds of rubber and plastic.  Both having whats called thermoplastic and elastomeric properties.  These products come together in a process called injection molding which is how the dolls are formed and made.  Thermoplastic elastomers have properties from both rubber and plastic giving it its ability to stretch and return to its original appearance. Which also gives the doll its ability to last and have a long lifespan. 

Sex dolls come in all shapes and sizes so when purchasing your doll, you need to pay attention to the size markings of the doll.  A reputable site will list the doll dimensions as such ie.. height, weight, chest or bust, waist and hip sizes. Other dimensions listed may include vaginal, rectal and oral cavity size information.  Choosing your doll you should be aware of the height of your doll as it is common that it may be listed in centimeters ie... 160cm, 166cm,170cm .  The height  is of particular concern as when simply looking at images, they don't tend to give a good perspective on actual size. Most times there is nothing in the images to reference for height or for that matter any actual dimension of the doll, except for the actual dimensions listed in the product listings.  

The time for delivery of your doll is of concern as well as your purchasing it and like everyone cant wait for it to arrive.  In the case of sex dolls depending on the online retailer and their processes the time for your doll to arrive can take anywhere for 7 days to 25 days.  Some online stores offer free shipping so that is of no concern as that is part of the purchase price. There are some stores although that will charge for shipping simply to add more to your cost.  So you should be careful of stores charging for shipping.  When shipping your doll you may  choose to have it shipped via your preferred carrier. As well you will want to get tracking information from your purchasing store once your doll has been shipped. Prior to shipping some retailers inspect the doll to be sure of the quality of your doll and to be certain it meets your order requirements and specifications.  As well some retailers don't check for quality of dolls prior to shipment. Options for shipping your doll may include shipping flight cases. Basically form fitted metal shipping containers that help stabilize and protect the doll during shipping, and converts into a storage container for home use.  Which come in varying sizes depending on the size of your doll.  There are some online stores that offer more inconspicuous types of storage when shipping your doll. As when it arrives you'll need a place to store it when not in use.  some retailers offer what looks like elongated cushion topped usable furniture that doubles a storage for your doll.  This is a brilliant idea to have as we may love our sex dolls, but at the same time we want to keep our privacy to ourselves. Which makes this type of storage system so great as you can store it in your living room or bedroom in plain sight, and the only comment you may get form your guest may be. "Hey, did you get a new couch." The whole time your doll is inside while you and your guest can actually set on the bench or couch it is in and no one will be the wiser.  They come in varying colors to help color coordinate your living space to your taste as well. 

When talking about purchasing a doll the big question is price.  That will depend on the doll and the retailer.  There are some doll on the internet that are being sold that are way below what it even cost to make the dolls. So when you see dolls that are extremely cheap. Buyer beware, it is most likely a con job. generally prices range between 1700.00 and near 2000.00.  Some retailers will sell you a doll and will attempt to charge you 2300.00 to 2500.00 some will go as high as 26 or 2700.00.  Which is also the same situation as the price being too low.  And you are being ripped off at that price range.  The sweet spot for purchasing your new doll should range between1700.00 and 2000.00 depending on the size and also popularity and beauty of the doll.  The only exception is the male dolls which are generally taller and require more materials to make.  There was a time when dolls were being sold for far more but prices have come down. So when purchasing a sex doll be mindful of the range you need to be in to purchase with confidence your getting a good doll for the price. Another concern when purchasing a sex doll is the brand which also affects the price of the doll.  Some of the top doll brands of dolls are WM Dolls, YL Dolls, AS Doll and 6YE Dolls. With WM being at the top of brands as far as quality and most importantly the looks of the doll.  Thats not to say that the other doll brands are'nt as good, they are but WM has to be the one brand with the most beautiful and lifelike dolls around.  Here are a few examples of the WM doll brand. 

So now you may see for yourself,the striking beauty of these dolls and more that are available online and at stores like   

Now armed with more information when purchasing a doll you will have a better understanding of what you are buying and what it really cost to purchase one. Which there are some retailers that take advantage of unsuspecting customers simply because of their high listing in the search results and that fact coupled with your lack of knowledge. Some will clean you clean out, really well, banking on the fact that you wont find out til after you've bought from them, that you could have got the same doll but cheaper had you shopped around. Or that had you shopped in the sweet spot you might have gotten a real doll rather than something they just send to you.  Which has been known to happen. 

Join us again when we discuss the care and maintenance of your new sexdoll. For product information or to purchase a sexdoll or any accessories, simply click the link below to come to the store. Satisfy Your Fetish





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