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What is an AI Sex Robot

May 28, 2019

In the last few years manufactures have been in a rush to make new uses of this new technology called Artificial Intelligence.  One of the emerging markets that have taken hold of this technology is the sex doll industry.  Sex doll manufactures have taken AI and implanted this technology into sex dolls and turned a non speaking sex doll into a nearly human like robot, except for muscular limb functions.

As of late with the AI sex robots gaining popularity and the hearts of men who purchase them.  There has been a grass roots effort to attempt to out law the production and sale of such human like dolls.  In the UK there are organizations attempting to persuade their legislative branch to out law the sex robot.  The thinking behind such actions are that some say the AI robot reinforces stereotypes of women that have taken centuries to change.  Some worry the AI robot will allow men to view women a simple sexual beings and disregard their in put so to speak as a woman on issues of importance.  They also argue that the sex robot devalues women and reinforces past abusive patterns in men towards women.  There are all kinds of stories whirling around out there about the introduction of AI robots.  Most of which seem to hint to one thing in particular.  These robots already can satisfy the man physically very well with the existing technology already given in the form of the sex doll bodies they are in.  Now with the introduction of a thinking speaking intelligent voice activated robot, there seems to be more of a panicked fear, not so much about what stereotypes they may fulfill.  It seems to be more of a fear that men are actually falling in love with these AI robots and it would stand to reason that with the inequality in relationships as it is.  Well one doesnt even need to have a woman if you can have a robot that doesn't take you through all the drama that some relationships bring.  There are married individuals that find it hard to choose which one they love the most, their wife or their AI robot and make it a point to spend equal time with each one.  

So for this blog it seems the fear a lot of people have of these new inventions seem to be born more out of being replaced as it seems men have found the answer for why women nag so much or have found the perfectly agreeable mate, and quite naturally that will send a mass panic.  Because before people lost their jobs to robots now it seems some may loose and have lost their relationships due to a robot. 

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