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May 27, 2019

The desire for companionship has existed since the beginning of time.  Men and women alike find themselves in this thing called life and find themselves seeking companionship.  In the perfect world that would be an easy fix.  But in todays complicated fast paced world finding and holding on to that special committed relationship that provides the companionship your desire and crave is easier said than done.  Sex doll provide an alternative for people looking and craving that special attention they may have lost or never have found or quite simply don't have the time nor energy to indulge.  

Men and women alike both purchase sex dolls for varying reasons.  Some men purchase them due to divorce or death of a spouse and the longing for that lost intimacy. Others purchase them as a sexual outlet and to indulge whatever fantasy they choose to indulge in with no fear of rejection or judgement form an unwilling partner. The benefits of having a sex doll in this situation is obvious. But for some the simple satisfaction of a sexual encounter is lost and the relationship with the doll takes on a more serious tone in the relationship between the two.  Many men and women alike purchase dolls for one reason and find themselves in totally committed loving relationship with their doll.  Many have made adjustments to family and friends and their whole lifestyle as a result of buying a sex doll. Which allows the owner to have a more open and free relationship with the doll.  Bringing the doll to family events and taking the doll out for a ride is common place for many doll owners as the doll becomes a part of their life as much as any other family member.  

There are many men that purchase sex dolls due to the lack of time or willingness to date after a divorce or death of a spouse.  Which many know the damage such a loss can bring.  Going through a divorce can be a very painful experience not just from the divorce itself. Many men are taken for every dime they have and are nearly financially ruined by the experience and find owning a doll not simply about sex. But the one sure thing the doll wont do is it wont betray you and take every dime you ever thought you would have and go sleep with your best friend.  The reasons vary far and wide but these are just a few. 

Some simply have a fetish for dolls and find an outlet in being able to exercise this fetish in the way they choose and with the doll they choose.  Fetishes can range far and wide depending on the person from Head to toe literally,  people have many different fetishes that may not be accepted by others they may feel, and so find owning a doll a suitable outlet. There are fetishes for feet fetishes for scents fetishes for skin and the list goes on.  Skin fetish is another one we will save for another blog post.  

On the opposite side of the sexes is the women.  Women purchase sex dolls for some of the same reasons as well.  Although women tend to be more emotional and are very detailed in the response a man may give her or the way he choose or not choose to say certain things to her.  Don't get us wrong women. fall in love with their dolls as well but by far women buy sex dolls primarily for sex.  And some find like men they too fall in love with the doll they chose.  

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