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xy sex doll


by Randi Levinson January 17, 2020

When I was asked to write about sex dolls, I hesitated. I thought, “Am I the only Sex Therapist that said yes to writing this piece? I’m a feminist! Will my colleagues still believe in my feminism and work?!” Sex dolls are undoubtedly controversial. Mostly with women. They are seen as a threat, a crazy body ideal no woman could ever achieve and last, pure objectivity of the female body.
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sex doll laying on bed


by sex doll fetish November 16, 2019

Sex Toys span a full range of products, but the sex doll is at the top of the list of the ultimate sex toy.  Many customers often have questions regarding sex dolls as sex toy. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't have questions such as "how does it feel to have sex with a sex doll?" Or "What size is the vagina on a sex doll?" Still yet some " What size sex doll should I buy?" There are also questions from female customers wanting to know the age old question does size matter. Well, we'd like to go over some of these questions for the benefit of our readers, to help give you a hand in deciding what's the best sex doll option for you. 
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sex doll in barn

Is Buying A Sex Doll Legal

by sex doll fetish November 09, 2019

Today more than ever attention from around the globe has been placed on the legality of the sex doll market and the people who purchase them.  Leaving many to wander is purchasing a sex doll even legal.  We are going to look at this question and why for some purchasing a sex doll turns out not to be so legal.  For most of the population buying a sex doll is most likely similar to trying to purchase any other vice or adult product. Care must be taken to observe local laws and the restrictions placed upon its local citizens. 
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sex doll feet image

Got Foot Fetish

by sex doll fetish November 08, 2019

There are many types of fetishes depending on who you talk to and what people are willing to reveal to you, many if they could have to admit they simply love Feet.  The look feel and touch of a foot and even the smell of a foot is an absolute seductive treasure and an ejaculation in the waiting. If you are one of the many who just loves the idea of a nice set of sexy well groomed well maintained feet, stick around and start to find out how you can have an ever exhausting supply of the most beautiful feet you could ever wish to have.  
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6ye sex doll | SATISFY YOUR FETISH

How To Buy A Safe Sex Doll

by sex doll fetish October 22, 2019

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AF Sex Doll


by sex doll fetish September 22, 2019

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Male Sex Doll | Satisfy Your Fetish

How To Have Repeated Orgasms

by sex doll fetish September 17, 2019

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af sex doll


by sex doll fetish September 17, 2019

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Sex Doll sitting down

How To Repair A Sex Doll

by sex doll fetish June 24, 2019

In the event that you injure your doll care must be taken to repair the injury.  Some injuries can be simple cracks that may take place over long periods of time in some lesser quality dolls.  Others may be scrapes of the TPE skin which generally don't 
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by sex doll fetish June 04, 2019

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Sex Doll

7 Fetishes You May Not Know About

by sex doll fetish May 28, 2019

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sex doll on bed

What Is An AI Robot Sex Doll

by sex doll fetish May 28, 2019

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