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April 09, 2020

In today's nervous stay at home order culture we have all come accustomed to, many wonder, is having a sex doll safe? The vast majority of sex dolls are produced in China, the ground zero of the coronavirus.  But as we all see the coronavirus is in nearly every country on the planet now.  Which having said that doesnt make them coming from China so scary or be a reason not to purchase one, given the virus is everywhere.  The real issue is how long does the virus last on a surface.  That is the question for everyone no matter if you are purchasing a sex doll or if you are buying a box of chocolates.  The potential for infection is the same as if you were to buy any other item no matter what country it comes from. 

Experts say that cardboard may carry the virus for up to 24 hours. So if you are concerned about the possible infection by the factory in China, then you have nothing to worry about.  As the length of shipping time for the dolls are far beyond the 24 hours the virus can stay alive on a cardboard surface.  Although that still leaves the DHL or UPS driver that handles the box.. A simple thing to do could be to disinfect the shipping box once you receive it, or simply allow it to stay outside for a period of 24 hours.  But other than that there is no real danger in catching the virus from a sex doll as the overall shipping time is long enough to destroy the virus or enable it to live.  But nonetheless everyone has their own feeling of safety and disinfecting your box or doll is totally up to you, if it gives you more peace of mind then we say go for it.  But per many medical professional the virus at least on a cardboard surface cannot survive beyond 24 hours.  

With the days and nights longer and much more boring, with many locked in there homes not allowed any kind of interaction.  It seems sex dolls are now the perfect companion to have.  Given their inability to transmit the virus and the inability of many to even be allowed the chance to date or for that matter even have company.  Locked away in our homes or apartments, what are we to do with ourselves 24 hours a day with no one really to talk to.  For that matter how do we establish new relationships many wonder. How do we meet members of the opposite or for that matter the same sex in this period of time.  The short answer is we don't unless we want to risk winding up in the icu  on a ventilator not knowing our new found friend has the coronavirus.  The great thing about a sex doll is that you can't get coronavirus from sex doll.  Nor can you give it to a sex doll.  Not able to meet or date any one. We all will soon come to find what many saw as a taboo thing to be involved in will inevitably wind up being the short term answer for companionship in this day of the coronavirus

For those new to sex dolls you may find them to be so realistic looking and so lifelike, that even though you can't go out and date. Nor hang out in the club nor does it do any good to date online, for who knows if your new date may have been infected by this virus.  But one thing about these realistic sex dolls is that you can be sure no one has given them the coronavirus.  So therefore there is no need to go without dating or still using your hand when you have so many sexy sex dolls to choose from.  As well the great thing about sex dolls that are one up on dating in today's climate, is that you can order your doll and choose how you want your doll to arrive in all the detailed options to make her specific to you.  And within a couple of weeks she will be at your door, just the same as you would do with any other online order.  With so many people worried about not running into each other.  You don't have to worry about nosy neighbors, nor do you have to worry about company coming over.  Sex dolls are the perfect answer for today's cabin fever and corona virus shut in society we live in.  With no end in sight and no way to get any new companions into your life.  The sex doll is the one way to answer and fix all the issues that surround life in the coronavirus era.



May 02, 2020

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