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by sex doll fetish November 16, 2019

Sex Toys span a full range of products, but the sex doll is at the top of the list of the ultimate sex toy.  Many customers often have questions regarding sex dolls as sex toy. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't have questions such as "how does it feel to have sex with a sex doll?" Or "What size is the vagina on a sex doll?" Still yet some " What size sex doll should I buy?" There are also questions from female customers wanting to know the age old question does size matter. Well, we'd like to go over some of these questions for the benefit of our readers, to help give you a hand in deciding what's the best sex doll option for you to begin your sex doll dream. As well as give you information that you would not normally find while looking for a sex doll.  

While shopping for a sex doll some quick tips about sex dolls may help you in deciding before you buy is this the product for you. As well as alleviate any lingering doubts or questions about a doll. Sex doll come in both male and female anatomy and range in sizes generally from 140cm all the way up to 175 and even 180 cm sex dolls, the larger sizes being males.  Sex dolls are made with a combination of two separate types of plastic and rubber elastomers. Resulting in the formed tpe sex doll.  This mixture of medically safe elastomers produced in highly qualified factories specializing in the production of sex dolls, is what makes the skin of the dolls so soft. The feel of the skin on a sex doll whether male or female most customers say from experience the feeling is realistic, hence the term realistic sex dolls.  This is a question that is often asked about the dolls and how they feel using them.  Today's highly advanced production methods produce as close to human skin feel as physically possible, so the feeling you get is quite similar to having sex with a person.  Which often leads into a little more hard to ask questions by both men and women.  Many want to know how the vagina feels and if the vagina feels like a woman's vagina, that is with the use of a water based lubricant. The lubricant helps and in penetration whether you are a man or a woman.  Which to address this issue we can tell you that the sensation from a female sex doll is in fact hard to tell the difference between a real woman and a sex doll. Many feel the sensation is ultra realistic, and very much as though you were having vaginal sex with a woman.  So there is no off putting feel or sensation that one may be turned off.  As well the vagina on most sex dolls generally ranges from about 6 inches to 7 inches deep.. Being made to feel like a woman the insertable vagina or removable vagina is able to accommodate from the smallest size male up to the largest male penis sizes.  So it doesn't matter your penis size, which some customers have concerns with as well.  As far as the height and overall size of the doll, this is a personal choice and preference, as everyone has their own personal taste and ar attracted to different types of people depending on the person. As far as the female consumers of sex dolls there concerns are of the feel of the skin and more so the size of the male penis on a sex doll.  Quite simply these sizes range as well from about 6in to 7 inches on a sex doll.  The penis size is quite larger than most men, that's not to say most men are small, but quite simply these doll are made with penis sizes designed to give its male or female owner, a fantastic feeling. So when having sex with a male sex doll, whether you're gay or straight, you will be in for sex with a very endowed male sex doll. Both the male and female sex dolls have 3 cavities for penetration, those being the mouth which is generally about 4 to 5 in in depth,  The anal cavity, that being generally 5 to 6in long depending on the doll and the brand of doll. 

These are just some of the concerns and question from our customers, that we wanted to share with you. Allowing  your to purchase your new sex doll with confidence knowing more about what you're about to buy

Author: Sexdollfetish

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sex doll fetish
sex doll fetish

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by Randi Levinson January 17, 2020

When I was asked to write about sex dolls, I hesitated. I thought, “Am I the only Sex Therapist that said yes to writing this piece? I’m a feminist! Will my colleagues still believe in my feminism and work?!” Sex dolls are undoubtedly controversial. Mostly with women. They are seen as a threat, a crazy body ideal no woman could ever achieve and last, pure objectivity of the female body.
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Today more than ever attention from around the globe has been placed on the legality of the sex doll market and the people who purchase them.  Leaving many to wander is purchasing a sex doll even legal.  We are going to look at this question and why for some purchasing a sex doll turns out not to be so legal.  For most of the population buying a sex doll is most likely similar to trying to purchase any other vice or adult product. Care must be taken to observe local laws and the restrictions placed upon its local citizens. 
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There are many types of fetishes depending on who you talk to and what people are willing to reveal to you, many if they could have to admit they simply love Feet.  The look feel and touch of a foot and even the smell of a foot is an absolute seductive treasure and an ejaculation in the waiting. If you are one of the many who just loves the idea of a nice set of sexy well groomed well maintained feet, stick around and start to find out how you can have an ever exhausting supply of the most beautiful feet you could ever wish to have.  
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