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by sex doll fetish October 22, 2019


When looking to purchase a sex doll you may and will come across many stores selling sex dolls.  Most have varying brands of dolls with varying prices.  Although how do you judge which ones are real and which ones are fake.  As well which ones come from third party manufacturers that copy the real sex doll products.  There are many doll sites that claim to sell original dolls but not all are telling the truth.  You may order from them and on appearance they may look like the original but the quality,design and safety will show over time, as there are many look alike doll manufactures copying the top brands. As well some websites selling these dolls, that if you are careful you can easily spot them, and we will show you how. 

There is much made on the internet about stealing picks and that does happen alot in this industry.  But one company came up with a solution to this picture stealing and fixed that problem.  That company is 6YE sex dolls,  when you see an original 6ye product,  you will know right off the bat that the seller selling it is legitimate as 6ye now issues their photos to its approved vendors with their logo on the pics in a diagonal manner.  With the vendors logo going from bottom left to upper right in a diagonal manner with the 6ye logo at the top..  That is a sure fire way to know not only is the vendor or retailer legitimate, But the product is legitimate as well and you can rest assured no matter the ongoing speculation,  you will get a genuine 6YE sex doll and from a legitimate retailer.  As you notice on this site sexdollfetish the 6ye dolls have this pattern of logo.

6ye sex doll


As well if you look at the site sex doll genie they as well have the their logo and the 6ye logo patterned from lower left to upper right .  People can steal pics but placing branded logos on images they can't do as easily as it is the retailer and the manufacture that owns the logo and the rights to it.  Besides most people who are in this to steal pics aren't going to spend the time and money to completely brand a store and product line.  Which is the second thing to look for in a fake doll store.  Most people who would steal pics and sell fake dolls won't have the full selection of dolls to choose from, nor do they have a full product display of the doll images or nothing close to it. As being an authorized dealer we are given the dolls and the full library of images for each doll, where as a fake site is not given those but only a few images without proper logos attached to display..  Having access to the full library of images is something a fake doll site can not duplicate.  So this is one of the best ways to identify a fake site.

  WM sex dolls issue ther images now with WM Logo already displayed on their images and give their vendors the full product display.  And with most doll sites aware of this problem, a reputable doll site will attach their own logo as well on their doll images.  Assuring their images won't be used as look alike dolls.  Where as prior to a couple of months ago WM did not have this large obvious logo on their pics, they have now like 6ye sex dolls came up with a way to combat the fake doll sites and protect you the consumer from getting a fake doll.  So you as a consumer can rest assured that if you see these markings on a particular doll site then you will know the whole site is legitimate, as they have gone through the trouble to brand their store as well as set up and maintain direct relationships with the factories they sell for.   

When seeing doll sites that have dolls without the full library of images for their individual products, you can pretty much assess that they probably come from a copycat doll manufacture. As the way it works is these copycat doll manufactures make these dolls and use these images readily available online but don't have but a few images to give out to these doll sites selling fake dolls as well they dont have the branded logos on then because they are only given out by the real manufactures. And doll sites looking to make a large profit work for these fake doll factories and sell you the unsuspecting customer a fake doll.  So when you see doll prices around 1200.00 for a WM doll and no logo on the images,  you can pretty much assume its a copycat.  Some doll sites have their whole business set up with copycat dolls and sell to you, although at quite a bit lower price, they are selling you dolls that come from the many copycat doll factories in China.  Which the reason we mentioned the number of images a store may have for display of a doll as it is copycat doll manufacturers usually don't have the full library of images to give to these doll sites that sell fake or copycat dolls.  Nor the logos, so if you look and do your detective work which is really right in front of you, you won't ever have to worry about getting a fake doll and you then can really shop based on a legitimate doll for a legitimate price.

Another way you can tell if a company you want to buy from is legitimate or not is to check the manufacture website.  Each legitimate company that sells dolls for a certain doll company will be listed as such.  jy doll website


Not all doll manufactures have these listings, such as WM doll, they don't have an authorized seller page.  But you can rest assured if you find a company you're looking to buy from on one of these doll verified seller pages, that company is legitimate and you will get a quality safe original doll. 

Some doll sites even those you assume are selling real dolls are getting the dolls you buy from these fake factories which is why the price they sell them to you is so much lower. As they are not real genuine dolls you think you are getting, they are instead copycats.  So to sum it up, you don't have to worry and say to yourself. Am I making a mistake buying from a certain doll site.  You can check yourself and see for yourself what kind of company you are dealing with.  And if you choose to still go with a lower priced doll company, you can rest assured the doll you get will be a fake as you can not get these dolls for 1100.00 or 1200 usd for a top brand doll, it's impossible to do.   So if you buy a fake doll it won't be because you got tricked if you do your homework. It will be because you chose to go with a low priced doll and were willing to buy a copycat.  Which we can tell you, there are companies now that have moved their distribution of fake dolls to the US promising faster delivery of these fake dolls thus making you more excited about buying them.   We can also tell you there are no reputable doll manufactures of the top brands in the US except for OR Doll who has a distribution in Florida. 

So you can do your homework and leave the worry behind and if you want a real totally safe method of verifying a vendor follow the above steps.  If you want to buy a fake doll and save on the cash then there are some very popular doll sites on the net now that sell them and you can easily identify them as all you have to do is look at the massive difference in price they are selling their dolls for compared to the rest of the doll sites and that will be the smoking gun.  Well you might ask "how can they sell them so low, I thought I was getting a good deal.". They are getting their dolls from these fake factories and thus being able to sell at a lower price as they themselves are passing on a lower cost to you.  And you wind up with a great look alike doll that has who know what for materials and chemicals it is made from.  So you can't be upset if the doll you buy from these cheap doll sites don't last or if you happen to get any type of medically related issue from contact with these fake dolls.  The safer bet is not to look to these fake doll sites or to these doll sites offering you a doll for nearly half of what they are normally sold for or for that matter. There is one particular doll site that sells supposedly top brand dolls for what you cant even get them for out of the factory at cost for.  And they have been around for awhile.  As a reputable doll retailer we can tell you they do not get their dolls from any top brand doll company as what they charge doesn't even cover the cost of what a real doll cost from a top brand manufacture. And this company is all over the net selling them for what seems to be a great deal.  But now that you are armed with some inside knowledge you can fact check them without even asking a question just to start with look at their images.  You cannot get a 6YE doll pic without it being a stolen image without these logos going in this diagonal direction as this is how the company issues them.  And a reputable doll site will have these images as such with their own individual logo.  So if you go to a store and you don't see this you can pretty much guess they are fake dolls as all the reputable sites have placed their dolls images with these logos on their sites.  Another thing is exactly the price.  Each reputable doll company out of the top brand doll sets the prices for their dolls.  And no top brand doll manufacture allows their dolls to be sold for 1200.00 1300.00 or anything close to that if your looking at a WM 6ye Irontech SM doll or Climax doll. Some of the lower end dolls such as AF doll you may find in this price range but for a top brand doll, if its price is in the low teens you can bet your bottom dollar its a fake. 

If you have any questions or concerns about buying a safe quality doll email us at sexdollfetish at gmail dot com.

Author: Sexdollfetish


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