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by sex doll fetish September 17, 2019

Ladies this one's for you. As women,  having sex can turn out to be the most satisfying thing or the most frustrating thing that you do throughout the course of your day or week.  Maybe you have a very nice guy or friend, very sweet and caring and to top it off he is the world's greatest comedian and top notch chef.  But you say there is one thing lacking.  He's not as beefy as you want him to be and although you make him feel like he's the man in bed and moan and groan.  The truth is you roll over with utter frustration as either he's too small in the wrong place or he's to quick on the draw or has sex as quick and as rapid as two dogs mating. You hate to tell him as he is such a great guy and besides, he knows your family and your mother just loves him to pieces.  What do you do? Live a life of frustration taking every quick look for a momentary fantasy at the guy at the office or the gym.  Daydreaming he would just come over and in his masculine voice tell you sweet nothings in your ear and take you by the hand and put it on you like you've never had before until you are just utterly exhausted.. And then you snap out of it feeling guilty feeling like you've cheated on mr. right.  So you put your thoughts back together and drudge home for the nightly ritual of faking it and going to bed utterly nearly in tears. 

On the other hand it could be you are a little more mature and you've had your kids and raised them and finally decide to get back out into the dating arena.  And what a surprise, you find out that everything is now on an app that you swipe left or swipe right to find the right guy. While your inbox just blows up the minute you post your pic online.  Speaking of that, you think what has the world come to that in order to date you have to put your pic online for millions of people to look at, when all you want in the end is a date and to get laid, just like men do.  But while you were raising children and the years passed by the dating game changed and how do you keep up with the thousands of text you have to keep up with and monthly membership dues all to basically get laid and have some respect while you do.  the truth is even in this scenario it is at best costly, time consuming and frustrating still, As getting laid in the online dating game in anyway near fast is pretty much like when you were young going out and maybe having a one night stand that you regretted.  With the online dating market you can be talking to one person while they are talking to 10 others, so the chances of really finding a date who cares more about dating and less about a one night stand are slim at best.  So what is a girl to do?  You want to get laid you want to have those multiple orgasms you fantasize about. Yet you are single and getting older and getting older you've gotten wiser and less reckless, your not a 21 yo no more, yet you want to have sex like one. So how do you do it?

Whether your in a lackluster relationship that you drudge through to make others happy rather than yourself. Or your an empty nester looking for love in all the wrong places.  There is safe answer for your burning desire, the desire you've had ever since you can remember.  Maybe you had a boyfriend in the past when you were younger and the sex was simply explosive.. He made your vagina feel like it was throbbing and oozing with ecstacy dripping just at the thought of him or the scent of him. Your mind got lost in a maze of repaticious pounding that with each thrust sent you into a convulsive state of extreme ecstasy.. Your mind felt like it was going to explode with pleasure.. You may wonder how can you get that back in this dating market.. Or how can you get mr. 3 inches and 1 minute to grow a new pair.. Well that wont happen.. But we have the answer for your aching vagina.. What else ladies beside a sex doll can do all of those things while at the same time being able to go out on your dates or meet ups at the local starbucks while you sift through loser after loser.  Or while you laugh and have fun with mr.right and tell him he's the man for all of his whole 60 second race to come that you never can feel anyways as his penis is about as small as you pinky finger.. 

Ladies, with a male sex doll from Satisfy Your Fetish you can finally have the best of both worlds..No matter if you want to keep mr. right with the wrong equipment. Or mr. do way too little way too fast.  With the broad selection of hunky male sex dolls, each coming stock built with strapping 6 pack abs and muscular physique and wait for it ladies and some gents a nearly 8 inch massive eternally hard penis.  With one of these hunks ladies you can once again grind away on top of a man with a strapping cock that simply drives you insane.. And the best part is when you finally come you don't have to worry about him being to tired too exhausted.  No finally ladies, you have met your match in a male sex doll.  It's a well known fact any woman can out last  even the manliest of men at sex.  Women can literally have sex for hours upon hours as long as they have the libido.. But a man simply cannot last that long in the best case scenario, maybe close but not likely in most men.  So there you have it ladies, is the internet's most fully stocked store of multiple sex dolls that will finally give you what you've wanted for years and that is to have multiple repeated orgasms on command with no one night stands no games no nothing.. Its sex ladies on your own terms when you want it, for how long you want it and how big you want it.  So stop by Satisfy Your Fetish and start having the multiple orgasms you only read about in magazines. 

Author: Sexdollfetish

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sex doll fetish
sex doll fetish

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