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May 02, 2020

With times as they are many are searching and looking for love and companionship everywhere they can find it.

Many don't find the love they are looking for in the traditional sense, but that doesn't have to be be the end of their search. 

Particularly in these times when there are so many options available for both men and women. 

Many have come to find sex dolls as an alternative to the traditional form of love and companionship. 

We Specialize in helping those looking for love and companionship find the answer they have longed for and sought to find.

One of the best alternatives to love in the traditional sense is finding companionship in a sex doll or some may call a love doll.

Hence we have put together an informative guide to sex dolls. 

 Helping many men and women alike to find their way in seeking out and finding that companionship they are looking to find. 

In this guide we will inform you on many of the most asked questions regarding sex dolls.

Ranging from how to care for a sex doll, choosing the right one, purchasing even storing them.  


sex doll fetish logo

Sex Doll Fetish is a top of the line Sex Doll retailer specializing in multiple brands of high quality sex dolls. 

Although you can find any doll you can find in the vast majority of sex doll stores.

  Sex Doll Fetish provides each doll at a much lower cost saving its customers the hard earned cash.

Rather than charging extremely high prices they pass the savings on to their customer.   

With the same quality dolls from the top brands you will come to find in your search. 

Sex Doll Fetish is an authorized retailer selling the exact same dolls you will find on many other high priced stores.

With the exact same manufacturer  and delivery methods Sex Doll Fetish the latest and newest top choice for purchasing your next sex doll.

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll is essentially a doll made in the form and likeness of a real person with anatomically correct features, to include eyes, nose ears and mouth. 

What makes them so unique is their likeness in the positioning and functionality of the sexual genitalia. 

Each doll whether for a male sex doll or female sex doll has anatomically correct genitals which enables the owner to experience a full range of sexual experiences.  

sex doll sex doll

Each doll is made with attention to detail all the way down to lip color, fingernail and toenail color and style.  

If you happen to desire a sex doll from a certain ethnic group or race or representation of a race. 

Sex dolls are available in a wide range of races, colors, sizes and shapes. 

There are black sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, Blonde sex dolls, Brunette sex dolls and even Mexican sex dolls, 

The bodies of sex dolls range from thin sex dolls, thick sex dolls, big butt sex dolls and even bbw sex dolls. 

If there is body style you are interested in there is a sex doll that is made to fit that style. 

Many sex dolls come in varying breast sizes ranging from flat chest sex dolls, to big boob sex dolls and all the sizes in between. 

When it comes to breast sizes you can specifically request and find a sex doll in whatever breast size you happen to desire. 

Should you have the desire for an elf sex doll there are those as well. 

The sex doll industry is made up of thousands of different sizes and shapes and colors of dolls, that allows you to find the doll of your dreams. 

Once you have chosen your sex doll you as well can choose many different options to personalize your doll.

Options ranging from eye color, hair style and color to breast type, hollow or solid breast, fingernail and toenail color. 

Other options include skin color, shrugging shoulders, vaginal or inserted vagina and standing feet  to allow your doll to stand on its own. 

What is a Safe Sex Doll

There is much talk on the internet and in forums about finding a safe sex doll. 

With many unauthorized sellers of sex dolls popping up around the internet. 

How can you be sure you are getting a safe sex doll, that is of the highest quality and knowing the one you will receive will be the one you see in the image in the online store. 

Many sites charge hefty prices hoping you won't know how to tell what is safe and what is not safe. 

Basically inducing fear of getting a fake sex doll to charge higher prices.  Well the truth is it is actually really simple to tell what site is a safe website and which ones are questionable.

  For example if you simply go to the manufacture authorized reseller page, you can look for your chosen store to see if they are authorized to sell you quality sex dolls. 

It's that simple,  then you will know the doll you are getting from the authorized seller is actually a safe sex doll.

  Some brands do not offer an authorized reseller page one of the big name brands WM Doll does not offer this page. 

Instead they offer  an anti fake check code you can check on their website after you get you doll to verify it came from WM Doll. 

For others let's say Irontech you can simply go to Irontech Doll and search for your authorized vendor as such and find your safe reseller. 

irontech doll page

Why Purchase a Sex Doll?

Many people assume people who purchase sex dolls are weird old guys that simply want to perv out on sleeping with a doll.  That couldn't be further away from the truth of who and why people purchase sex dolls. 

They can provide companionship for many busy adults seeking companionship without all the strings attached. 

There are many young healthy busy professionals that simply want the ease of a non complicated companion to allow them the ability to have companionship on their terms. 

With the rates of divorce and especially in these times of coronavirus, many are not able to find a relationship and add to it a worldwide virus and finding a suitable safe relationship is next to non existent. 

There are many that find sex dolls extremely sexy allowing them to have companionship with a likeness of a woman or man with the perfect sexy body they desire.

They can be a gateway to companionship for those who have suffered physical or emotional trauma

Still yet there are those that may have had a prior injury in life preventing them from having a fulfilled relationship in the normal sense that most consider normal.

  There are many who may have physical injuries that make even having sex a difficult endeavor. 

Whereas with sex dolls there is no embarrassment or judgement for those that may have physical limitations no matter the origin or make up of the disability. 

There are many people in the handicap community that may find great use of  sex dolls.

Given there is no risk of rejection or fear of embarrassment.  Still yet there are many men and women that have chosen a life of solitude for many reasons that make dating a more difficult task. 

There are many that are basically too shy or embarrassed to even attempt to approach a person of the opposite or even same sex for a date for fear of rejection.

 Still yet there are those that even should they find a date may struggle with the awkwardness of the whole dating life and for that matter actual intercourse.

 So in essence sex dolls can be for a wide range of people.

In her article SEX DOLLS AUTHOR: Randi Levinson, MA, CCS Marriage & Family Therapist, Sex Therapist and Intimacy Coordinator for TV and Film practicing in Los Angeles, California.

Levinson delves into the need for sex dolls and how they can benefit many to include those with physical and emotional trauma and or frailties.

Sex dolls can to many be the sexiest hottest chick of your dreams.

Many find sex dolls simply irresistible and sexy.  With doll being made so super realistic, it is very easy to see why many have chosen to have a sex doll. 

Many men and even women prefer to have a sex doll over the standard relationship. 

Still yet there are those that find them so sexy as to have a sex doll as a third person in their relationship allowing them to finally have the threesome they have always wanted to have.  

Sex dolls can aid in sexual inexperience.

There are many men and women young and old that seek, need or want to gain experience in having sex but have an innate fear of leaning for fear of rejection. 

Some simply just do not know where to begin and fear the embarrassment of allowing others to see their inexperience.

Sex dolls can provide a tool of learning to allow many to practice and learn how to have sex without the fear or awkwardness of being with an actual person.

As well as dealing with what may feel like total humiliation at their lack of experience.

Allowing the person to practice without fear or condemnation.

Sex dolls provide an outlet and a way to perform sex without any of the drawbacks for those that want or feel they need the practice. 



Recent history of sex dolls began back in the 1990s with the advent of the realistic sex dolls that began a more realistic lifelike appearance of sex dolls.

  Prior to the current form of sex dolls, Various cultures made their own version of what is today's modern sex dolls .

  These dolls were basically a low grade representation of what is now a high tech realistic sex doll industry. 

In Greek writings there are accounts of men having sex with statues that resembled or were made to resemble men or women they desired to have sex with.

  Accounts of European sailors on long voyages in the 17th century would make their own version of today's sex dolls made out of material such as leather.

The Dutch sailors of the time would often trade these leather made sex dolls with the  Japanese who aptly gave them the name Dutch Wives.

Even in these modern times the Japanese still often refer to sex dolls as Dutch Wives which harkens back to the days of Dutch sailors. 

Blow Up Sex Dolls


In the late 1960 the sex industry and manufacturers looking for a way to fulfill or reinvent the sex doll came up with the blow up sex doll. 

These dolls were made of inflatable plastics that hardly resembled a human likeness nor were they anatomically correct. 

They were simple crewd inventions that made for the mere imagination of having sex with a doll.

These dolls were nothing like today's modern high end high quality lifelike sex dolls. 

These doll were mainly sold through mail order as were many of the sex toys of the time were being sold.

Allowing many to purchase through magazines or classified ads of the day. 



In the late 1990s one artist came up with the idea of creating a female mannequin which later after realizing the demand he added to his mannequin anatomical features.

  These additional features are what  went on to create this huge market that is today's lifelike sex doll.

This artist known throughout the industry as Matt McMullen. 

For more history on sex dolls see Sex Dolls A history Author: Anthony Ferguson

The Sex Doll Purchasing Guide


When starting your search for buying a sex doll there are many decisions to make, many of which have no idea what those decisions are.

Given most who are looking to purchase a sex doll for the first time do not know what to look for in a sex doll or what questions to ask. 

We have prepared for you some things to look for in a sex doll and questions to ask.  

Sex Dolls can be to the untrained eye very mysterious and confusing especially given the cost.

Most people are uncertain of what they are looking for or need to look for. 

Here are a list of thing to consider.

Materials and Quality Design


Sex dolls are made of primarily two types of materials, of which have their own specific qualities and pricing. 

While each have their own qualities both can be a very suitable quality sex doll. 

The two types of materials used in producing a sex doll are

TPE  or Thermoplastic Elastomer

Silicone Sex Doll 

TPE Sex Dolls are by far the more elastic and squeezable of the two types of polymers.

Allowing for a more bouncier rubbery soft touch and feel. Tpe is what gives the doll its realistic jello jiggle to the breast and ass of the doll which many find to be more realistic.

Although with this softness comes a more porous body that unfortunately doesn't afford itself to prolonged water exposure.

  One benefit of tpe is that it of the two in terms of cost is far less expensive than its counterpart.

Silicone Sex dolls on the other hand of the two are not as soft and rubbery.

  Although it still retains the ability to be squeezed it is just not as soft as the opposite tpe. 

Some enhancements allow you to have specific parts of the anatomy enhanced with ultra soft skin in areas that count the most. 

These areas include ultra soft vagina, ultra soft ass, and ultra soft thighs. 

Allowing the user to experience a more softer and realistic feel to having sex with their doll.

The opposite benefit of being able to withstand water for prolonged periods it true of the silicone sex doll as it is more impermeable to water vs tpe.

Platinum silicone with its ability to provide the highest detail is the preferred choice of many that want to have a more realistic facial appearance. 

Silicone provides very fine detail in facial features above and beyond the tpe counterpart. 

Likewise the cost for a Platinum silicone doll is significantly higher in cost.

As well as in production time it takes to full produce a silicone doll is about double the time of the standard tpe sex doll. 



Purchasing a sex doll is not as cheap as most would think.

Many things go into the formulation of the cost of sex dolls including the time in which it takes to produce them.

  As well as the cost to produce each doll by hand which increases the cost significantly. 

Sex dolls are not mass produced they are made to order for each customer that orders one. 

Which allows for individual options specific to each customer which in turn increases the cost of the production of the doll. 

Adding to this is the cost of shipping the doll itself, sex dolls can weigh quite a bit.

  Which as well adds to the cost of shipping wich most provide free of charge to assist the customer in purchasing the doll. 

In general sex dolls can range between 1200.00 for a low end sex doll to as high as 4000.00 for a high quality mid range sex doll. 

Weight and Height 


When seeking to purchase a sex doll height and weight are two things to keep in mind when looking to buy a sex doll. 

As sex dolls can range in weight from as low as 50 lbs for a smaller sex doll to over 120 lbs for a larger thicker and taller sex doll. 

Care must be taken to be aware of the weight of the doll as some may find them too heavy to maneuver once they arrive for delivery. 

As well as the weight the height is as important.  With sex dolls ranging from the low end of mini sex doll to full size taller sex dolls. 

Generally the larger market of sex dolls range between 150 cm 4 ft 9 in  to 173 cm 5ft 6in. 

Sex Doll Appearances


Sex dolls can be made to have many different expressions and to have many different body styles to fit the desires of a multitude of desires.

Some of the more popular sex doll appearances are the

The Orgasm sex doll

orgasm sex doll

The Blow Job sex doll

blow job sex doll

 The Elf Sex Doll

elf sex doll

 The BBW Sex Doll

bbw sex doll


The Thick Sex Doll

thick sex doll

The Teen Sex Doll 

teen sex doll

The Black Sex Doll

black sex doll

These are just a few of the popular looks and features you can find or look for in a sex doll. 

Other unique features include various exotic eye colors and skin tones. 

There is even tattoos and bikini lines you can have added to your sex doll in the sino silicone doll options selections along with even moveable eyes. 

 The options to create your own unique look are endless. Other options on some brands of dolls include full body heating options along with voice and sound functions. 

Popular types of Sex Dolls

The standard sex doll comes in variations to suit a wide range of desires and taste.

Some people may not prefer a full size sex doll instead wanting a less heavy doll. 

While others may have a particular taste for one of the more salacious sexy hot sex dolls. 

There are even those that prefer same sex sex dolls or transgender sex dolls. 

If there is a desire or taste in a sex doll there is a sex doll made to fit that desire. 

Here a few types that may be of interest when you are on your search for a sex doll. 

Male Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls while not as numerous as the female sex doll, still has a variety of sizes and colors or races to choose from. 

There are Asian male sex dolls, black sex dolls and the standard sex doll. 

Some of which come with silicone heads for greater facial detail. 

These dolls are anatomically correct in every way, with functioning penis, anal and oral orifices. 

 Thes dolls generally range in size from 160 cm to 175 cm and quite detailed in their appearance, much the same as the female sex dolls.

The penis on the male sex doll generally ranges to a top length of 7 in although there is the ability with some brands to request a larger size penis on you doll.  

male sex doll


Torso Sex Doll

Torso sex dolls have several advantages over the traditional sex doll in that there are no legs to get in the way, as well as they are much lighter in weight.

The decreased weight of the torso sex doll is of major benefit to those wanting to have a companion sex doll but don't want the heavy weight to have to carry around.

  What is great about the torso sex doll is the ability to choose any head you want on you torso doll much the same as with the standard sex doll.

  So you are not limited to the doll head that comes along with the particular torso doll.  

torso sex doll

Popular Sex Dolls

Each year sex doll manufacturers come out with newer and better sex dolls. Inevitably there are several that are highly popular. 

These sex dolls just by the looks of them, it is obvious why they are so popular. 

With stunning looks and tight young sexy hot bodies these popular sex dolls are in constant high demand.  

popular sex doll

Ethnic Sex Dolls

With sex dolls being sold around the world and to nearly every country on the globe.

There is a demand for sex dolls that represent the desires of men from around the world. Some popular sex doll models are:

Chinese sex dolls

Japanese sex dolls

Black sex dolls

Latin sex dolls

Russian sex dolls

Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

As the sex doll industry has progressed there has with it the technology in building better smarter more advanced sex dolls. 

Sex dolls apply artificial intelligence by advanced ai technology, much the same as the futuristic systems that power Siri and Alexa. These systems are self learning and adaptive to user experience. Responding to the users request or questions much the same way Siri answers your questions. 

With the advent of the ai robot companion, sex dolls have crossed over to being able not only to interact sexually with men but conversationally as well. 

The AI sex robot is fully capable of two way conversation with the ability to learn and anticipate your behavior and speech pattern. 

They also come with the ability to be heated much like the standard sex doll.  Below is an example of one of the popular sex dolls Emma .

For more information on relationships and ai sex dolls see Love and Sex with Robots By David Levy

Shipping and Delivery of you Sex Doll

Once you have decided on a sex doll now it the time that you have so awaited.  The arrival of your doll. 

Many men are overcome with anticipation and excitement at the prospect of finally seeing their new doll. 

Shipping times for sex dolls generally are around two weeks with production and delivery. 

Although in the times of the coronavirus there have been routine shipping delays due to the havoc created by the virus on every industry. 

Although manufacturers are working on getting clearance to be able to start shipping faster to the US.

There still remains a bit of lag time in the shipping of dolls.  

Unpacking your sex doll

Now that you have tracked your dolls arrival date with your tracking code given once you authorize your dolls shipment. 

There's little left but to unpack your sex doll.  Unpacking your doll can take a little time with all of the tape and plastic to remove. 

Dolls are well packed to withstand the long shipping ensuring your doll arrives undamaged. 

Packed with your doll you will receive a  blanket, comb vaginal heater gloves and douche for vaginal cleaning.  

These things will be packed inside the shipping container with your doll.  

The doll is well wrapped in styrofoam and plastic to ensure safety. 

Care must be taken to carefully remove the plastic and foam from your doll.  

Next you will need to remove the head that is packed separately and attach the wig on to your doll head and head onto the doll.  

Once this is complete you can get rid of all the unneeded packing material and you are ready to start enjoying your new sex doll.  

How To Have Sex With a Sex Doll

Enjoying sex with sex doll is much like having sex with a woman except for a few simple things to keep in mind. 

The primary thing to remember is unless you purchased the standing feet option, your doll will not be able to stand on her own or his own.  

Thus should you try to have sex standing up you doll will not be able to stand on its own. 

Even if it has standing feet be careful not to attempt sex standing up unless you support the doll. 

Other than that sex with sex doll can be enjoyed in many different positions.  Pretty much if a woman can do it a sex doll can be positioned the same way.  

Both male and female sex dolls have the ability to have anal sex as well as oral sex for most doll. 

The difference is the ai robot whose mouth is mechanical so no oral sex with the ai robot companion.  

Care must be taken to use a water based lubricant to help with penetration of the doll.  

How to Clean Your Sex Doll

Throughout the period of time you own your sex doll, cleaning your doll will become a regular part of ownership. 

Generally cleaning your doll can take the shape of using tpe cleaner to clean the body or face of your doll that may become dirty with use.  

Care must be taken not to allow dark colored unwashed clothing in tight contact with the dolls tpe skin.  

Dark clothing generally bleed onto the tpe dolls skin so care must be taken to prewash clothing prior to placing on the doll.  

After sex with you sex doll it will become necessary to clean the vaginal or anal cavities.  

Cleaning your doll can be best accomplished using the provided douche and warm water and antibacterial soap mixture, to clear any debris left inside any cavities on your doll.  

A hand held shower stream as well may be a suitable way to rinse and clean your sex doll.

After cleaning your doll, care should be taken to allow your doll to  air dry to prevent any build up of possible mold.  

Top Sex Dolls in 2020172 cm sex doll

 The 172 cm WM Doll Sex Doll


  5 ft 6 in  85 lbs

  Bust: 35 in

  Waist: 24 in

  Hip: 34 in


173 cm sex doll   

173 cm WM Doll Sex Doll


5 ft 6 in 90.2 lbs

Bust: 39.3 in

Waist: 23.2 in

Hips: 43 in

Sex Doll Fetish

sex doll fetish banner

 Sex Doll Fetish is a relatively new sex doll store on the sex doll scene. 

Which when started, was out of a desire to provide its fellow sex doll admirers a better cheaper alternative to purchasing a safe lower cost sex doll. 

Sex Doll Fetish is a fully authorized sex doll store authorized and listed on the manufacture authorized vendor pages.  

Realizing true authorization comes from the manufacturers.

Sex doll fetish worked tirelessly to provide its customers with the knowledge, security, safety and information.  Providing responsive customer service that rivals any, but at a much lower cost.

Sex Doll Fetish is a verifiable safe site to purchase your sex doll, with easily verifiable proof. 

Brands such as AF Doll, WM Doll, 6YE Doll, Irontech Doll to name a few.  Sex Doll Fetish provides excellent customer service, while working hard to deliver its customers a lower cost alternative to the higher priced sex doll stores that sell the exact same sex dolls.  

At Sex Doll Fetish we believe with all things being the same, quality, security, safety, delivery and customer service.  Our customers are able to obtain the same high quality sex doll from quality top brand manufactures but at a lower cost.   Why pay more for the exact same sex doll. 



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