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May 26, 2019


Many men and women such as yourself may find yourself considering a love doll or commonly known as a sex doll for many different reasons.  The good thing is you're not alone for many reasons people buy love dolls and surprisingly the reasons are not simply for sex. Doll owners the world over come to the point of buying a love doll out of several different reasons.  Some of which result out of tragedy of a loss due to death of a loved one or spouse.  Some individuals purchase love dolls out of a simpler easier way of dating rather than go through the expensive cost of dating only to end up alone when the relationship doesn't work out.  The cost of the separation due to divorce can be physically mentally and financially devastating, causing many to give up on the whole idea of dating again, as some cant afford another devastation such as one incurred in a prior break up.  There are men and women that find it easier and less of a burden to even initiating a relationship and choose not to indulge the opposite sex or same sex as many individuals may be more individualistic and prefer not to deal with potential rejection which is a major part of dating.  The embarrassment of rejection can be monumental and a deterrent for even attempting to date.  There also individuals who live in  remote communities where the opportunity for dating doesn't come around often due to the lack of people to date or even establish a relationship. 

The reasons to consider a love doll vary far and wide, but there is no doubt it is an emerging trend for individuals to find companionship in purchasing a love doll.  Love dolls for many individuals take away the empty lonely feeling of going through life due to whatever circumstance they may be in or have arise through their lives.  Love dolls provide an unconditional friendship or replacement of companions lost or never had in a way that human interaction can't and most times won't mimic.  Love dolls provide company companionship and they provide a sexual outlet for many doll owners, without all of the negative consequences of a regular relationship.  Having a love doll turns a solitary lonely existence into a fulfilled happy adventure in life without the negative effects.  Love dolls don't cant and wont argue they wont insult you nor will they betray you when you least expect it.  Love dolls are trusting reliable companions if simply to have someone around.  When owning a love doll your able to release emotions to your doll without fear of rejection or betrayal or judgements.  Which is why for many purchasing a love doll is a better alternative to a regular relationship.  In the movie Lars and the real girl life is depicted as it is for many doll owners, what life is like having a love doll.  

The simple fact is that love dolls do provide an avenue for companionship for whatever the reason you may have to purchase one.  And it is apparent that many who own them do fall in love with their chosen doll.  So you are not alone in considering to purchase one.  As many before you have decided for a multitude of reasons to purchase a love doll and for the vast majority, many have found happiness in their dolls. So if your considering whether to purchase a doll be aware that there are many that have come before you and have found companionship, friendships and even love with their love doll.

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