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Welcome to Satisfy Your Fetish where we have a full display of culturally diverse products in our black sex doll collection line up. The primary sex  doll for this category is the black sex doll, although we've included sex dolls that represent every ethnic group possible. The black sex doll as in real life comes in an array of shades and colors and we've made an attempt of represent the multi ethnicity of the race as well as others. In that attempt we have included dolls that appear to be of Hindu origin to represent an indian sex doll.  Others we've included are ones that appear to represent the hispanic culture or a mexican sex doll or latin sex doll.  So in this category you won't simply find black sex dolls as in life that is not the way it is represented either.  

Choosing a black sex doll or culturally  diverse sex doll is a very fine choice indeed, as the depictions of these dolls are true to life in color and in form.  The physical representation of these dolls to real life culturally diverse individuals is uncanny. The effort that goes into the production of these dolls impeccable. The black sex doll category is represented by an array of manufactures that make up this collection.  Represented is WM Doll with a long history of the highest quality and engineered design, then there is 6YE doll whose new redesign of their dolls and their flagship doll line the Amor collection, have outdone their self in producing an outstanding doll brand. The 6YE doll in shor bost and delivers on their correct anatomical placement of the vagina on their dolls.  Simply to look at and see their work most often will give you a woody just looking at their work.  Then there is the YL brand of doll which adds to the line up of Black sex dolls.  YL Doll has brought to the black sex doll market very true ethnic representation the black woman in a lot of respects.  So if your really thinking of  a black sex doll for your purchase and  YL doll is one to consider.  OR doll brings in as well a few designs in the black sex doll category, although not too many and they are as well, sexy dolls.  Irontech doll brings to the collection a mixture of ethnic dolls from around the globe. They are by far the doll maker of the masses that makes an attempt to represent more than one class of people in their dolls. 

To give you a little information on the production of your new Black sex doll.  The process to manufacture your doll takes maybe 4 to 5 days. In this time your doll you have chosen at checkout along with your chosen options if you have chosen any specific item or options for your doll will begin production generally fairly quick.  The process of making your sex doll begins with the medical grade TPE, thermoplastic elastomer. Medical grade tpe is safe for human use, which makes the doll safe for you to interact with and be intimate with, without any hazardous risk to you.  Tpe is used in the production of sex dolls for the qualities it has in its final form. Giving the doll a soft true to life feel of real skin with the softness and plush feel of a woman, this makes tpe perfect for use in sex dolls.  The process begins with the heating up of the two polymers to extreme temperatures, rubber and plastic which start out in a pellet form. Depending on the color of your doll color is added to give your doll its finished color.  Through the process of injection molding your doll is formed. Once completed your doll is ready for all the final preparation, such as removal of leftover debris from the injection molding process.  The doll is gone over by hand removing and smoothing out the surface of your doll leaving no hint of the molding process.  After which the final touch ups are made such as adding the eyes in the specific color you chose, nail and toe nail color and hair or wig color. Once the whole process is completed, of which we will be in touch with you through the whole process to answer any questions you may have. Then once the doll is completed we will notify you and deliver you the detailed pics of your specific doll that will be to you. So there is no surprises when you get your doll. Once you give your approval, your doll will be shipped and you will receive your tracking number to track your doll, right down to the date and time of delivery. 

So, Whether your White, Black, Asian, Indian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern we have a doll for you. And  If you have a sweet tooth for that brown sugar, as you see we have  plenty to fill you with. So now that you have a little information or history on your Browse our extensive selection and see if we can't Satisfy Your Fetish. 

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If you look around sex dolls are more popular than they have ever been in times past.  They are preferred not simply as a sex toy but as well they have become an alternative to the standard relationship that quite often end in failure.  For many reasons sex dolls have skyrocketed in popularity. No longer is owning a sex doll a taboo fearful thing to endevor upon purchasing.  Purchasing a sex doll even buy the number of searches on Google is a very hot commodity as well a well sought after sex toy and personal way of forming new relationships. At Sexdollfetish we understand your desires and take pride in promptly and with attention to detail getting you on your way to enjoying what many around the world have already begun to enjoy. 


Sexdollfetish is a new store with a passion for our customers and our products. We take pride in each customer guaranteeing you a discrete transaction and prompt timely delivery of your doll.  We take each customer with special attention and are responsive to your every request.  

We are a new store therefore all things being the same in the exact same doll you may be interested in. We offer our dolls at the lowest possible price which to you the customer is service without the added cost of the big name stores.  We understand that obtaining your new sex doll with all the details is first on your mind. And as consumers we all want the lowest price for the best product, and at Sexdollfetish that is our mission.

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At Sexdollfetish our offer to you is to not only get you your desired sex doll at a price below any of the big name stores but to deliver it to you totally free on top of the low price you cant find elsewhere as at other stores you are paying for their name not the actual doll.  

We ensure a safe secure checkout with SSL encrypted safe secure servers and shopify secure payment gateways, so your personal information is always protected. With our site protected McAfee security as well you never have to worry about your transactions as safety and security is our number one goal after ensuring you the best possible shopping experience possible.

What is the difference between a silicone sex doll and a tpe sex doll?

While both types of dolls can ultimately give you an extreme amount of excitement and enjoyment, there are multiple difference in the two types of sex dolls.  The primary difference is the production process of the two types of dolls the tpe sex doll is produced using a thermoplastic elastomer a combination of plastic and rubber elastomers.  They are combined and undergo a high temperature heating process and injection molding which forms the the actual tpe sex doll.  The silicone sex doll undergoes somewhat of a similar process but using a silicone base as it's primary chemical product.  The differences in the two types of doll are the actual look of the doll itself. With the silicone sex doll there is a greater and finer detail in the facial detail as well as the vaginal or genital depiction, which far out does the standard tpe sex doll in appearance.  Both tpe and silicone dolls are fully flexible whereas the tpe doll is not waterproof but water resistant.  So care needs to be taken no to submerge for long periods of time the tpe sex doll.  Both come with or can be heated to bring your dolls body temperature up to a desirable temp to allow for maximum enjoyment and with some brands the usb heating adapter used to heat the doll comes totally free of charge.  The silicone sex doll on the down side is more costly than the tpe sex doll but the realistic look of the doll is hard to match as well the option for implanted hair on the silicone head dolls adds to the true to life look and feel of your doll. 

Buying From Authorized Sellers of Sex Dolls. 

Sexdollfetish is an authorized seller of every brand of doll on the website. With direct authorization to sell and have delivered to you a top quality original doll from the major top brand manufactures we display.  We only carry top brands and offer you one way to verify a seller as you notice on the 6ye doll brand each legitimate seller of sex dolls authorized to sell sex dolls individually 6ye doll, has the exact placement of their logo on each image placed in a diagonal pattern which comes from the manufacture. Other doll brands like WM have the embossed WM logo on their newer doll images which no illegitimate seller can duplicate. Other ways to tell is most illegitimate sellers of fake don't and won't go through the process of branding their entire store of doll pics.   We are a verified member and listed on Our Doll Community as an authorized verified seller of sex dolls ensuring you a quality top brand safe doll.  You can check out our listing on Our doll community to ensure you, should you have concerns of a lower quality doll.   Protection Status