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Welcome to the customer factory sex doll collection. These dolls are a collection of the factory version of the actual customer dolls.  These dolls are the non airbrushed post production dolls.  Pictures are taken of customer dolls as verification of the standard of the doll in which customers can verify their dolls options.  Customers have the opportunity to preview  their doll prior to shipping as well as request additional changes to their doll to satisfy their requirements should they need them.  Once a customer is satisfied it is at this point the doll is packaged then shipped to the customer. 

How to have sex with a tpe sex doll?

Some people may wander the question how do you have sex with a pregnant sex doll.  Having sex with a sex doll or pregnant sex doll is no different than having sex with a regular woman or man.    You must use a water based lubricant to enable a smooth penetration or if your pleasure is a  dry fuck, then you may try although we wouldn't recommend it as, no matter how long you pound it will never get wet unless you use a preferable water based lubricant.  Having said that the other issue when having sex with a tpe sex doll, it you must ensure that if you are having sex standing up, that you support the sex doll, as even if you purchase the standing feet option on your sex doll, it still will not be able to stay standing under pressure from sex without being supported. Having sex with a sex doll can be an enjoyable as having sex with any man or woman.  The doll is able to perform and be put into any sexual position any other person can do during sex.  The benefit although some sex dolls may be quite heavy, they are not as heavy as some people.  So keeping that in mind, you can manipulate your doll into any preferred sexual position you want . Whether its doggy style, missionary or any other position, the doll is very flexible and able to be put into that position.  

How do you clean a tpe sex doll ?

Very simple, you can clean the vagina of your sex doll with the provided douche you receive with you doll when it arrives.  We recommend after each use to clean your sex doll with a warm water and soap.  Preferably a antibacterial soap as bacteria can build up in the vaginal or rectal space from leftover body fluids, just as with any other woman or man for that matter.  As well you may clean the rest of your doll with the tpe cleaning solution, also available at checkout. We recommend not leaving newly purchased unwashed clothing on your doll as it may stain or transfer on to the skin of your doll. So before placing clothing on your doll, be sure it is washed of excess dyes in the fabric.  Even after it has been washed,  be sure not to leave dark clothing on your doll while storing for long periods. 

The tpe cleaner is effective in getting rid of stain or discolorations that your doll may pick up over time with use.  It is important as well not to use dark colored tight fitting clothing on your doll as this may transfer colors onto your doll.  It is important to first prewash any clothing you place on your doll to cut down on the risk of transfer of colors.  

Lubricants and  Sex Dolls

Using a lubricant to enjoy having sex with a male sex doll is a must considering the tpe material used to produce a male sex doll.  Sexual satisfaction is increased with the addition of a water based lubricant to help in the reduction of friction.  Lubricants help to heighten sexual satisfaction while making insertion and repeated penetration smooth and easy. Using a water based lubricant as well aids in the ultimate sexual stimulation and enables you to have and achieve the ultimate smooth slippery climax with your doll.  

How To Repair A Sex Doll. 

So you've finally got your sex doll and you are excited to enjoy it.  With all good intentions through the care and use of your doll accidents may happen.  The skin on the sex doll is like any skin it is subject to tears and cuts. So it is important to be extra careful in moving or storing your doll taking care not to brush up against any sharp surfaces or allow any pointed objects to come in contact with your doll.  As these actions will most likely produce cuts tears or abrasions on your sex doll.  Altering the appearance of your doll as well as distract from the appearance and ultimately the lifespan of use of your doll.  Should this occur the simple fix is to use the tpe repair glue available at checkout to repair your doll.  Repairing your doll in the event of a tear, rip or abrasion can easily be fixed by first cleaning the outer surface of the tear or rip.  Then applying the tpe glue to the inner part of the rip or tear, closing the affected area. Then afterwards using a heating iron to heat the surface applying heat to the affected area, sealing the area closed and essentially returning your doll to it's original appearance. 

How To Store A Sex Doll

Now that you have your sex doll and you are enjoying it and all the benefits of owning a sex doll. Storing your sex doll during the time you own a sex doll may come to be an issue for you, but not to worry. There are multiple ways to store a sex doll.  You may simply wish to leave your doll sitting around in a chair or bed around your apartment or house or in other cases you may wish to put it away.  There may come a time that you may have company and do not wish others to be apart of or know about your sex doll.  In this case there are options to help you keep and store your doll.  One option is to simply remove the head and use the available for purchase hanging hooks for your doll and simply hang the body on a sturdy bar.  Care must be taken to ensure the bar is able to withstand the weight of your dolls body weight.  Additionally you may wish to purchase one of the available storage containers to allow for storing your doll.  These containers come with foam lined inner parts to protect your doll during storage from pressure marks or damage.  The flight case storage containers are as well great for not only storing your doll but as well they are great for traveling with your doll.  These containers make for a great way to bring your doll along with you to any destination you plan to travel to.  Allowing you to not only enjoy you doll at home but while away on any extended travel. 

How Long is The Production:

Many people wonder when ordering a sex doll why does it take so long for my doll to arrive.  Manufacturing each doll is begun from scratch, given the specific requirements of each order each doll is produced only upon a successful order and specifications you request for your doll.  The production time for each doll typically for tpe dolls are at the most about 7 days.  With silicone sex dolls this time can be longer as the production of a silicone doll is a bit longer.  Once your doll is completed and you give the ok and approval, your doll will then be shipped to your specified address.  It is both good and bad in the time it takes to produce your doll.  Although it may take a couple weeks to arrive, which is the hard part in waiting.  The upside is that you will be getting a high quality detailed doll that will be yours for a very long time. Given the nature of sex dolls it is imperative for you to have the most realistic looking doll you can possibly get, so in a way it is time well worth waiting. As once you get your doll you will be extremely happy for years to come that you waited those couple weeks.  

How long is Shipping:

Once you have approved your doll for shipment after having received via email from us you completed doll and approve it has met your specifications.  Your doll will be shipped and you at that point will receive your tracking number and carrier information.  This is the time you can easily track and get up to date information on the status and location and down to the day arrival of your doll.  Typically your doll will arrive within 7 days of shipping out.  


Owning a  sex doll can have many advantages whether you are looking for a silent companion or a sexual partner.  Whether you are male, female,  gay, straight or transgender.  The  sex doll is a fit for any lifestyle you may be in.  They make for great company as well as an excellent sex partner, that you will never have to worry about going astray.  Depending how involved you are in your doll they can be as well a great source of companionship, providing the ability to simply express your emotions and thoughts.  


 Sex dolls in appearance are very lifelike particularly the silicone head dolls.  Given the ability to produce more realistic and detailed facial features with silicone. In the tpe collection we feature primarily tpe sex dolls. These dolls have very distinct true to life and realistic looks afforded by the use of tpe and the artistic ability of each brand of sex doll and it's own unique look in each doll made

Although this being the tpe sex doll collection, should you find a doll you like but would prefer a different hair color, you are able to change not only hair color but many different options at checkout.  Simply by placing in the notes of your order the particular request you have for your doll. 


Typically sex dolls depending on the brand of doll tend to span a range of price.  Depending on the brand and retailer dolls and type of material used in production. Dolls can range anywhere from 1300.00 to over 2,000.00.  With this collection  given they are tpe and  dolls they tend to span the full range of  the spectrum given the range of dolls and the differing brands and prices per each brand   as well as the ability of different brands ability to produce its own unique looking brand of doll at it's own price.


 Sex dolls are made in the same fashion as the male sex dolls with the exact same materials such as tpe and or silicone.  The ability of the doll to be placed into varying positions has to do more so with the metal steel skeleton that is the core and structure of the doll. The joints in these dolls are very flexible and easy to maneuver, allowing you to position your doll for whatever activity you decide to use it for. With ease of use not hard and rigid, these dolls are able to smoothly be positioned to whatever position you desire your doll to be in as well as maintain that position.  


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Before ordering typically many people have questions from how the whole process of ordering a sex doll goes to what is a good sex doll to purchase.  Depending on your personal situation and intended use with your doll each customer is different.  Should you have questions about the whole process or simply want assistance with choosing your first doll for whatever your situation.  We are always here to help. you can reach us at should you require assistance.



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