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Realistic Pregnant Sex Dolls


Welcome to Satisfy Your Fetish the online store dedicated to satisfying your sex doll need.  Where our prices are the lowest on the net and a large inventory of sex dolls of many brands of dolls.  Pregnant sex dolls are a unique type of sex doll within the sex doll market with few choices to choose from as not every brand specifically carries it own version of the pregnant sex doll. Therefore the selection is limited due to the production of these dolls, we have attempted to serve yo with a limited number of pregnant dolls we could get for your selection. Pregnant sex dolls are as the type of doll that they are are made to represent a woman in full term pregnancy, thereby making the sex doll appear to be in final term, or third trimester.  The face and body of the doll appears swollen and bloated just as a pregnant woman would normally appear in her third trimester of her pregnancy.  Although these doll are sexy in their own way obviously they do represent a full term woman about to give birth.  Which for you the consumer means your sex doll will always be in the third trimester.  The two brands of pregnant sex dolls we carry are the WM sex doll brand and AiBEI Girls Sex doll brand.  We here at Satisfy Your fetish would if we had to pick would definitely be the AiBEI brand.  Simply over the sexy look of the doll while still in term. Wm doll carries two models as well, that are equally as appealing, but Aibei Girls pregnant sex dolls are simply sexier. The Aibei Girls doll is represented in a sexy wedding lingerie which for those wanting to have a pregnant sex doll wife, this . particular doll would be the one.  As well she is the sexiest of all 4 pregnant sex dolls we could get our hands on.  

Just a little about the production of these specialized sex dolls, to give you a bit of information in helping you understand the making of the pregnant sex doll.  For those not aware of the production methods of the tpe sex doll, or the processes involved.  Your tpe sex doll  or TPE which is an abbreviation for thermoplastic elastomer a copolymer, a combination of several type of plastic and rubber.  The two polymers are combined together under extreme heat in what starts out in small pellet form and through a process of injection molding your doll is set and molded in the form of your chosen doll.. Once the molding process is completed the doll goes through a fine tuning, in which all the leftover debris is removed from the doll, this is where your doll begins to take on its own specifications you select when purchasing your sex doll.  Eye color, nail color, vaginal hair and so on are set into the doll at this point.  The tpe sex doll having the qualities of the look touch and feel of real human skin is owed to the two copolymers that make up the production of the sex doll.  Tpe skin is flexible with the ability to be stretched and pulled yet still return to its original shape.. Although care must be taken not to rip or cut the skin on the doll as similar to skin, it will rip or tear if your not careful.  The skin is as well water resistant, yet we don't recommend submerging your doll for long periods of time in water.  The skin as well on your new sex doll is  also shock resistant so applying pressure to your doll won't harm the doll.  Now that you have a little information on your doll browse our selection and if you have any questions we are available for live chat or send us and email or contact us by phone during business hours. 

How to have sex with a pregnant sex doll?

Some people may wander the question how do you have sex with a pregnant sex doll.  Having sex with a pregnant sex doll is no different than having sex with a regular tpe sex doll.  For that matter with a woman there is no difference,  except for a few things. Having sex with a pregnant sex doll obviously there is the large belly that you have to work around, but once you have that part you're well on your way to enjoying that juicy pregnant pussy.   You must use a water based lubricant to enable a smooth penetration or if your pleasure is a  dry fuck, then you may try although we wouldn't recommend it as, no matter how long you pound it will never get wet unless you use a lubricant.  Having said that the other issue when having sex with a pregnant sex doll, it you must ensure that if you are having sex standing up, that you support the sex doll, as even if you purchase the standing feet option on your sex doll, it still will not be able to stay standing under pressure from sex without being supported.

How do you store a pregnant sex doll?

There are several ways of storing your sex doll.  One option is to hang it without the head attached on a sturdy hanging bar with the hanging hooks you can purchase at check out.  The other option is to store it in one of the storage containers, that are available at check out. There are 3 to choose from we recommend getting one of the 3 as it is a much simpler way to store your doll and a convenient way to hide it from nosey visitors.  

How do you clean a pregnant sex doll?

Very simple, you can clean the vagina of your sex doll with the provided douche you receive with you doll when it arrives.  We recommend after each use to clean your sex doll with a warm water and soap.  Preferably a antibacterial soap as bacteria can build up in the vaginal or rectal space from leftover body fluids, just as with any other woman or man for that matter.  As well you may clean the rest of your doll with the tpe cleaning solution, also available at checkout. We recommend not leaving newly purchased unwashed clothing on your doll as it may stain or transfer on to the skin of your doll. So before placing clothing on your doll, be sure it is washed of excess dyes in the fabric.  Even after it has been washed,  be sure not to leave dark clothing on your doll while storing for long periods

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If you look around sex dolls are more popular than they have ever been in times past.  They are preferred not simply as a sex toy but as well they have become an alternative to the standard relationship that quite often end in failure.  For many reasons sex dolls have skyrocketed in popularity. No longer is owning a sex doll a taboo fearful thing to endevor upon purchasing.  Purchasing a sex doll even buy the number of searches on Google is a very hot commodity as well a well sought after sex toy and personal way of forming new relationships. At Sexdollfetish we understand your desires and take pride in promptly and with attention to detail getting you on your way to enjoying what many around the world have already begun to enjoy. 


Sexdollfetish is a new store with a passion for our customers and our products. We take pride in each customer guaranteeing you a discrete transaction and prompt timely delivery of your doll.  We take each customer with special attention and are responsive to your every request.  

We are a new store therefore all things being the same in the exact same doll you may be interested in. We offer our dolls at the lowest possible price which to you the customer is service without the added cost of the big name stores.  We understand that obtaining your new sex doll with all the details is first on your mind. And as consumers we all want the lowest price for the best product, and at Sexdollfetish that is our mission.

Free Shipping and Safe Secure Checkout

At Sexdollfetish our offer to you is to not only get you your desired sex doll at a price below any of the big name stores but to deliver it to you totally free on top of the low price you cant find elsewhere as at other stores you are paying for their name not the actual doll.  

We ensure a safe secure checkout with SSL encrypted safe secure servers and shopify secure payment gateways, so your personal information is always protected. With our site protected McAfee security as well you never have to worry about your transactions as safety and security is our number one goal after ensuring you the best possible shopping experience possible.

What is the difference between a silicone sex doll and a tpe sex doll?

While both types of dolls can ultimately give you an extreme amount of excitement and enjoyment, there are multiple difference in the two types of sex dolls.  The primary difference is the production process of the two types of dolls the tpe sex doll is produced using a thermoplastic elastomer a combination of plastic and rubber elastomers.  They are combined and undergo a high temperature heating process and injection molding which forms the the actual tpe sex doll.  The silicone sex doll undergoes somewhat of a similar process but using a silicone base as it's primary chemical product.  The differences in the two types of doll are the actual look of the doll itself. With the silicone sex doll there is a greater and finer detail in the facial detail as well as the vaginal or genital depiction, which far out does the standard tpe sex doll in appearance.  Both tpe and silicone dolls are fully flexible whereas the tpe doll is not waterproof but water resistant.  So care needs to be taken no to submerge for long periods of time the tpe sex doll.  Both come with or can be heated to bring your dolls body temperature up to a desirable temp to allow for maximum enjoyment and with some brands the usb heating adapter used to heat the doll comes totally free of charge.  The silicone sex doll on the down side is more costly than the tpe sex doll but the realistic look of the doll is hard to match as well the option for implanted hair on the silicone head dolls adds to the true to life look and feel of your doll. 

Buying From Authorized Sellers of Sex Dolls. 

Sexdollfetish is an authorized seller of every brand of doll on the website. With direct authorization to sell and have delivered to you a top quality original doll from the major top brand manufactures we display.  We only carry top brands and offer you one way to verify a seller as you notice on the 6ye doll brand each legitimate seller of sex dolls authorized to sell sex dolls individually 6ye doll, has the exact placement of their logo on each image placed in a diagonal pattern which comes from the manufacture. Other doll brands like WM have the embossed WM logo on their newer doll images which no illegitimate seller can duplicate. Other ways to tell is most illegitimate sellers of fake don't and won't go through the process of branding their entire store of doll pics.   We are a verified member and listed on Our Doll Community as an authorized verified seller of sex dolls ensuring you a quality top brand safe doll.  You can check out our listing on Our doll community to ensure you, should you have concerns of a lower quality doll.  





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