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So you've decided to purchase a brand new sex doll and enjoying her like nobodies business.  She's beautiful, she's gorgeous she is just perfect.  Perfect like a brand new car you just bought.   Perfect that is until you happen to find a stain on her. And its like, hold on a second. Nope cant do that. 

Stains on sex doll can and may occur over time from general use.  Clothing that rubs off on your doll or debris that may come in contact with your doll while you are getting your groove on.  There are many things that like any object or possession that can and may cause stains. But we've already got you covered on that part.  Not to worry.  

TPE sex dolls are made of Thermoplastic Elastomer type of rubber and are by nature porous, so stains may occur. But using simple TPE stain remover will remove most any stain on your doll. Some sites advocate using solvents. well we here at Sexdollfetish are not sure we would advocate anyones  lips or  genitals rubbing across any object that have  solvents placed on them. Although,  apparently some  some recommend such a practice.  Here at Sex doll fetish, we recommend you simply use a cloth with the TPE stain remover to vigorously rub the affected area and wipe clean.  By this practice you will be assured your doll stays clean and you will also most likely not have to worry about the warning signs at the bottom of every solvent product on the market.  

Following the recommended use for cleaning will ensure your doll stays clean and your investment in your doll is safe, while prolonging the lifespan of your doll and your partner. She will stay as beautiful as the day you first opened up her out of the box and smelling fresh. So not to worry at all,  If she gets a stain, we don't like  it' but it's an easy fix.

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