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You may be wondering why Sexdollfetish is not on TDF.  Sexdollfetish is completely safe and legit. TDF has a ban on allowing new doll sites and simply only allows so many doll vendors to be listed on their forum regardless of proof of how legit a store is. TDF as well charges a large fee to be listed on their website as well and it  is not a certifying authority for any website legitimacy.  We've provided proof of our authorization to resell top quality dolls but they insist they don't allow new stores on TDF unless they offer a totally new doll product or service other than the same dolls the other vendor stores sell.  TDF is a forum not a certifying authority on legitimate safe sex dolls. It is only the manufacturer's that can in any way certify and verify a retail stores authority to sell their dolls, guaranteeing you a certified original doll.  To be absolutely certain of a sellers authority to sell a top quality dolls. Simply check the manufacturer's website. Some manufacturer's do not list authorized sellers, such as WM doll which uses its anti fake check number instead. Climax Doll is another that does not list its vendors. As well as several other brands that do not have an authorized reseller page.   You can checkout our Verified Legit Retailer page . Where you can fact check us on our legit status to sell our dolls.  Ensuring you a safe doll to purchase.  We are listed on these same manufacture websites along side  as some of the other top stores in the industry along with the TDF stores.  The difference is that simply to click on a link from TDF and purchase a doll from these sellers you will pay 200 to 500 hundred dollars more for your doll.    You can do the work yourself and fact check any website by checking their reseller status on the manufacturer's website page. Rather than pay higher prices for buying from a link on a forum that in no way can validate a stores legit status.  Only the manufacturer can validate a store. It is simply a way to convince you to pay more for a doll that you do not need to pay.  Don't be duped into paying higher prices out of fear that you can fact check yourselves..  If you notice those that don't fact check will pay several hundred dollars in overcharges simply for buying into the paranoia on many doll sites.  It is simply a way to charge you more money if you are buying out of fear..  Check the manufacturer reseller page not the retailers hype.  To validate stores on  these forum they simply check the same manufacturer reseller page you can check.  Once on the forum you are then charged higher prices for buying into a frenzy of bad doll sites.  Check the manufacturer reseller page.  Get a safe doll and keep your money in your pocket.  Some of you have been paying these top doll stores feeding this hype nearly thousands of dollars in excessive charges.. Simply by not checking a page you can very easily check.

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